New Canadian Spam Laws For Our Canadian Retailers!

9 June 2014

Canadian Legislation Regarding Spam in Effect July 1st

For our Canadian retailers only – does not apply outside of Canada at this time:

Are you aware that the Canadian Government has enacted new spam rules that may affect you?  If you have something as simple as the email signup in your checkout defaulted to “Yes, sign me up”, you might be in violation of the new rules and your entire email list may be considered invalid.

If you are using the email signup in your NitroSell checkout and it is set so that the customer has to UNCHECK the box in checkout in order to not get emails from you, you will need to open a support ticket so we can correct that for you.

We also recommend that you send an email to your current list before July 1st and ask for explicit permission to continue to send them your emails in case your current list is compromised.

Here are a couple of articles that provide more information:
Article about the Legislation:
Government of Canada FAQs: