How to Use Videos to Boost E-commerce Conversions

10 June 2021 • 7 min read

Videos are one of the best ways to prop up your business marketing strategy. With them, you can engage with your audience, make it grow, and motivate your customers to buy your products. This is especially true if your goal is to expand your e-commerce store.

Here are some interesting stats around e-commerce videos:

However, some types of videos are more effective than others depending on your marketing objective. To produce video content that truly matches your store’s goals, you must identify exactly what’s your best video style option.

Luckily for you, we’re about to show you different kinds of e-commerce videos to help grow your business depending on your goals. Whether it’s showcasing brand values ​​and building confidence, communicating a product’s features, or dealing with consumer concerns. Let’s take a look!

1. Showcasing Brand Values ​​and Building Confidence

Your brand communicates your company’s identity. Business logo, corporate colors, and the products you sell define your business, but your brand values ​​are even more important.

Consumers not only buy your products because they consider them valuable for their lives, but they also believe in your brand and its philosophy. To create this strong relationship with your audience, you need to have clear values (of course!), but also know how to show them precisely.

Here are two types of videos you can use to achieve this goal:

Company Story Videos

Many companies have an inspiring story about how they came to be. And a large part of your audience – current and potential – will have a better bond with your business if they know its story and you can show it attractively.

Brand storytelling has long been used to connect with consumers on a more personal level. When they get to appreciate your past, your purpose, and the values you’ve created, they relate to you. And, so, probably they’ll be motivated to learn more about your products.

You have to come up with an authentic video that tells the story of your business, conveying your corporate values ​​and identity.

Testimonial Videos

In a testimonial video, one of your clients talks about the benefits of your company and your products or services. Usually, this person explains in detail how your offerings have helped him or her solve a problem.

This content can be an excellent addition to your marketing strategy because your potential consumers need something more than words to trust your products, services, or company’s values.  They assume you are bound to praise yourself and want an external point of view.

You probably have looked for reviews before buying a product online, especially when it’s from a company you don’t know. The same goes for almost everyone. New customers need the assurance of others, so a testimonial video can be what nudges them into purchasing your product.

2. Effectively Communicating a Product’s Features with E-commerce Videos

When it comes to communicating the characteristics of your product, the important thing is to convey trust. To do so, it’s key to create effective e-commerce videos.

It’s about showing your product in the best light and telling your consumers that what you offer is what they need. You should consider the two types of video that we present below to fulfill this purpose:

Explainer Video

Explainer videos describe clearly your company and the product or service it offers to solve a problem or meet needs.

The goal is to address a specific pain point your customer may have and highlight the benefits of using your product to tackle it. Most of the time, explainer videos are short (less than 90 seconds) and use animation techniques. 

These animations, which may go from classic whiteboard to kinetic typography, are designed to represent topics in a simple way and keep your audience engaged all the way through — a worthy addition to your video marketing toolbelt.

Product Videos

If you want to market a product, this is probably the first video style that will pop into your head. Increasingly, people seek this type of content to have a first approach to an item or service. It’s, basically, an introduction and a summary of what your brand provides. 

A product video briefly shows the product or service and tells the customer what it’s used for and how it works. Showing your item in a real-life context, this type of content presents the qualities it has and helps viewers see themselves using it.

If your objective is to grow your online traffic and sales, it’s a good idea to display this type of content on your platform. Remember that your customers probably won’t be able to check out your product or service in person before buying it. With this kind of video, you can provide all the information that they need.

3. Dealing with Consumer Concerns

Even if you have already made some videos to inform your customers about your product or to convince them to buy it, it’s likely that many of them still have some specific doubts and require further details.

A great way to deal with consumer concerns is to make a specific video addressing their doubts. It’s practical for providing a personalized education that, if satisfactory (and it should be!), can push your potential buyers to purchase.

These are two types of e-commerce videos that you may consider to accomplish this goal:

FAQ Videos

Certainly, there are many questions that you answer very often to your clients. Perhaps you do that so repeatedly that you already know the explanations very, very well!

So, think about putting together all the answers to these frequently asked questions in a short video. This way, you will save a lot of time that you spend responding to each customer separately.

Moreover, your clients will thank you for presenting the additional information before they had to ask because they will be saving their time too. A total win-win!

You can also target your clients’ questions in a dynamic and authentic way by hosting a live Q&A on your preferred live streaming platform, this creates both high-value content and provides insights into your client’s common questions in real time.

Tutorial Videos

These videos educate and inform the viewer about how to use your product, including elements like narration, animation objects, or close-ups.

The goal of this type of video is to offer the viewer not only a passive viewing but also a learning experience. It’s a step-by-step guide that customers watch to know how your product can help them in a specific task.

Structurally, a tutorial video must go from the moment the customer approaches the product to the instant when the result is achieved. Remember, since the viewer is watching to learn, the video has to be as simple as possible.

To Wrap Up…

E-commerce purchases have many advantages for your clients, such as saving them time and energy. However, online shopping also means that buyers can’t hold in their hands the products before purchasing. So they have to really trust your business to go ahead.

In this framework, creating trust in the virtual world becomes your main goal. To achieve this, you must efficiently communicate your brand values ​​and all the features of your product while leaving no room for the doubts your clients may get. 

Creating e-commerce videos and choosing the type that is most suitable for your business is an excellent way to get your online buyers to trust and purchase. We hope this guide has been helpful for you to grow your e-Shop. Good luck!

Author Bio:

Victor Blasco is an audiovisual designer, video marketing expert, and founder/CEO of the explainer video production company Yum Yum Videos. Besides running the business, he’s a lifelong student of Chinese philosophy and a passionate geek for all things sci-fi.