Selling on Amazon in 2022: Should You and How to Get Started

17 June 2021 • 5 min read

You could be forgiven for thinking that most product searches begin on Google, but a recent study shows Amazon as the most popular starting point. While optimizing for Google is still vital (you should read our Complete Guide to SEO to see why), e-commerce businesses should also be selling on Amazon to increase visibility, traffic, and revenue.

A one-two punch of Google and Amazon is your best bet to succeed at e-commerce in 2022. This guide is for you if you want answers to these questions:

Is My Business Right for Amazon?

Before you start selling on Amazon you should check to see how your products will perform on the online marketplace. You could check out the Amazon Best Sellers page for free to see if any of your products line up with what’s selling well.

Look at which categories perform best overall to see if your business is a good fit. The best performing categories on Amazon are:

If your store specializes in any of the above categories, then you’re a prime (pardon the pun) candidate for selling products on Amazon.

You can still find success with other categories, you just need to find where your niche can add value to the current product listings. Can you compete on price, exclusive stock, or low delivery costs?

Why Should I Sell on Amazon?

The main reason you need to sell on Amazon.com is because you can expose your business to the largest customer base on the internet. Amazon’s share of the total US e-commerce market is now at 45%. Would you deny your store exposure to almost half of the world’s online sales?

Projected retail e-commerce GMV share of Amazon in the United States from 2016 to 2021. Source: Statista

Amazon also helps you reach a more diverse audience than the one currently visiting your webstore. Some people like to do all their online shopping through Amazon, so the only way to reach them is to put your products on their screens.

Amazon also comes with a certain reputation and trust among online shoppers. It’s one of the most trusted brands in the world, and by listing your products with them, your business gains trust too.

Another major reason to sell your products on Amazon is that it’s less work for more sales. Thanks to our integration with Amazon, WebSell retailers can keep their Amazon listings automatically updated with whatever changes they make in their POS system.

How WebSell’s Amazon Integration Works

Our integration allows you to seamlessly synchronize your POS with Amazon. This means that you can automatically upload products from your POS to Amazon, then download orders and inform Amazon of order tracking numbers. This allows you to ship orders with no fuss and minimal management.

To start selling on Amazon you would typically have to add items and products individually to your Amazon store, and fill out thousands of lines of spreadsheets to cover your inventory. With WebSell, you can manipulate your existing information so that you don’t have to manually enter each product on Amazon.

No longer will you have to push items individually to Amazon, or maintain stock/price levels on Amazon Seller Central; now you simply make the changes in your POS and find the values updated on Amazon automatically.

When you make a sale on Amazon, it is passed down to your POS in the same way that a webstore sale is passed to your POS, allowing you to tender the sale in the same way as you would a sale in your store. To further simplify the process, when you tender an Amazon sale in your POS, the transaction is automatically marked as shipped in Amazon Seller Central, releasing the funds to your Amazon account.

Our POS integration for Amazon remains the best way for brick-and-mortar retailers to start selling their products on Amazon. You don’t even need to have a WebSell e-commerce store to use our integration. It works as long as you use a Point of Sale system in your store.

How to Get Started on Amazon

Getting started on Amazon is simple.

Simply contact our sales team, or if you’re a WebSell customer, open a ticket on our partner portal and we can have our specialist discuss it with you.

Getting your products on Amazon in the top performing product categories can help you unlock a completely new revenue stream and bring a new group of customers to your store.

Wrapping Up

Connecting your store to Amazon can benefit your business in a number of ways like:

Ready to connect your store to Amazon? Get in touch with our sales team to discuss your integration.

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