Boost E-commerce Email Engagement in 2023 with These 10 Cutting-Edge Design Hacks

17 May 2023 • 11 min read

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses must go above and beyond to stand out. To reach your target audience with maximum impact, harnessing the potential of email marketing is key.

But here’s the exciting part! This post isn’t just another generic guide. We’re diving deep into the realm of email design to help you revolutionize your campaigns. Don’t forget to explore our invaluable blogs on game-changing email marketing tips for 2023 and the enduring power of email.

Prepare for a paradigm shift as we unveil 10 mesmerizing design hacks that will turn your emails into captivating masterpieces. Say goodbye to mundane content and hello to a whole new level of engagement in 2023!

Before we get into designing your emails, let’s first address a few technical issues which might be limiting your email engagement.

Rescue your emails from the dreaded spam folder – tips to boost deliverability

Tired of your carefully crafted emails ending up in the abyss of spam folders? You’re not alone! Shockingly, a staggering 45% of emails suffer the same fate.

But fret not! This common predicament plagues countless businesses, especially those sending out high volumes of similar emails consistently.

Before you dive into the captivating world of email design, it’s crucial to tackle the mechanical aspects that may be sabotaging your efforts.

So, let’s explore a treasure trove of solutions to fix those pesky mechanics, ensuring your emails dodge the spam folder trap.

Crack the code with spam and email delivery checks

First things first, it’s time to put your email accounts through a rigorous spam verification process.

To stay one step ahead, leverage automated delivery checks that keep you informed about the fate of your email messages.

But wait, there’s more! Conduct some hands-on tests and checks of your own before hitting that send button. Why not send a test email to your own account and witness where it lands and how it appears?

Don’t buy, build!

Beware the allure of shortcuts. One common mistake is buying an audience, but trust us, that’s a recipe for marketing disaster.

The true path to success lies in organically building your email audience from scratch. That way, you’ll have leads that are both genuine and relevant to your business.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race when it comes to growing your email list. Rushing this process can backfire and sabotage your entire email campaign. And don’t forget, nurturing and managing your email list is crucial right from the start.

The double opt-in delight

When it comes to subscriber opt-ins, you have a choice: once or twice. Sure, the latter may seem like a hassle, as it requires an extra step. But trust us, the benefits are worth it!

Enter the realm of double opt-in, where subscribers sign up through your form and then receive an email with a verification link. They must click this link to confirm their account.

You’ve probably encountered this yourself, and there’s a good reason it’s widely adopted. Double opt-in ensures a highly engaged list. With confirmed subscribers, you know they genuinely want to be there.

The result? Your emails will bask in heightened responsiveness, with higher open and click-through rates.

Don’t let your emails languish in the shadows of the spam folder. Follow these insider tips to boost deliverability and engagement, and watch your email campaigns soar to new heights of success!

Using design hacks to increase engagement

Now that we have spoken about some of the mechanical elements that you can fix with your emails, we will look at the 10 design hacks you can use to boost email engagement.

1. Use evidence-based content

Your emails should use a lot of evidence-based content, meaning your email content should be created around the person you’re sending it to.

This means that you can send specific content to specific users, depending on the segment they belong to. This will make your emails much more efficient because you know that they are optimized for each group. 

You should also look for different ways to make your emails sound more personalized. For example, you can use CRM-driven specific solutions and customized subject lines to ensure that this is the case. 

Business owners today also have a great assortment of email automation software tools to choose from. These tools enable you to measure different engagement metrics so you can understand how people interact with the emails you send. 

2. Use personal message videos from the business owner or CEO

Have the owner or CEO record a video, and include it in your email. This is beneficial because it is incredibly personal; it puts a face, name, and voice to your brand. 

It is also quite effective in boosting the value of engagement metrics, as you will be able to see how much of a video the person has watched. 

The trouble with a lot of businesses today is that they can seem cold and distant. By incorporating a personal video message from the owner or CEO, you have an effective way of bridging this gap. 

As a result, customers will feel closer to your business than ever before. 

3. Use eye-catching CTAs

Call To Actions (CTAs) need to be included in every email. They are imperative because they help to boost conversions and persuade consumers to take action when receiving emails like abandoned carts email. In addition, they make it clear and obvious what the next steps are.

The trouble is that a lot of CTAs used in emails today are very uninspiring. They don’t create a sense of urgency, and they don’t wow customers in terms of design either.

There are a lot of different ways that you can make your CTAs look better, including custom typography, on-brand designs, and GIFs. But, of course, the more visually appealing your email is, the more likely it will be read through entirely.

Just don’t overdo it. 

Your visual communication needs to be straightforward and reflect your overall brand mission statement. 

But, first, think about what would compel you to click on a CTA if you received an email from a company you have subscribed to. 

4. Offer to unsubscribe, boldly

While you might not want to, it’s also essential to make sure that the ‘unsubscribe’ button is part of your email design.

Yes, the last thing you want is for people to unsubscribe from your email. However, offering this option is imperative, as all people have the right to unsubscribe from your email list if they want.

This is their legal right as well. Therefore, offering the ability to unsubscribe in bold writing is essential.

There is another benefit to consider as well. If someone wants to unsubscribe from your email, you should let them go. It is better to focus on people that want to know more about your products and services than to cause further irritation to someone who does not wish to receive your emails anymore. It will impact your open and click-through rates and result in less optimized campaign.

5. Use popups

Another way to make your email campaigns more effective is by using popups. A popup will give your signup forms a massive boost in terms of visibility.

Analysis carried out with heatmaps shows that most website users do not scroll to the bottom of a web page.

This is significant because the vast majority of companies simply choose to embed their email subscription form at the bottom of their webpage. 

Instead, you can ensure that your email subscription form is bolder and makes a more significant statement by using a pop-up.

6. Optimize your headline

The headline is one of the most critical elements of your email design. 

You need to ensure that you capture people’s attention with the headline that you choose. If you select a headline that looks spammy or generic, there is a very high chance that people will put the email in the bin before they even consider opening it. 

For example, “How’s it going?” stands out in the inbox. Think about what would encourage you to open an email, and go with that.

One of the best ways to get people to open up is by offering them a special offer or discount. After all, who doesn’t love a great deal? So, of course, make sure that there is a fantastic offer inside when you do this.

7. Use interactive, dynamic content

Behavioral analytics capabilities, such as with MailChimp, can help you understand what people are looking at. 

This will help you make better decisions regarding what sort of content will suit your target audience. 

Icons, emojis, QR Codes, and interactive content that’s customized for the segment and the individual via data you have in the CRM can make a massive difference. 

It is all about making your emails more visually attractive, but doing it in a way that is going to compel people to engage with your emails. 

8. Create a visual hierarchy

Make your emails skimmable by creating a visual hierarchy. The user should understand how to interact with the email intuitively, without needing to read. It should all come instinctively to them like it should when they are browsing your website. 

After all, the Internet is all about convenience. 

People check their emails while they are on the go or while they are busy doing something else, so you need to make sure your emails give people the ability to quickly and easily digest the information that is contained within them. 

In addition to the different design hacks that we have mentioned above, it’s good to incorporate modern style and design trends into your email. 

Several different design trends are popular currently, including retro typography, flat icons, and neomorphism. 

But do keep in mind that design trends are changing all the time, so you need to make sure that you stay up-to-date with the latest industry news to keep your emails relevant.

Also, make sure that the design is not only modern but that it fits in with your brand as well. 

10. Talk to them like friends

It is good to change the email name to “first_name from company” format or use the full name, with no company name, and without the no-reply. 

This is an excellent way for you to bridge the gap and speak with your email recipients like a friend.

Or you could go even bolder! Throw out everything else, and write a text-only, super short, badly formatted email (as if your buddy composed it on their phone in the real world).

Of course, whether or not this approach will be right for you all depends on the sort of business you have. 

For a trendy clothing store, for example, this approach would work very well. Other benefits come with it as well…

This approach even beats Google’s important and promotion inbox algorithms, so Google thinks it’s sent by someone who knows you!

This will help you get by the spam restrictions in place, making it a lot easier to reach people with your email campaign.

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Wrapping up

So there you have it: 10 different design and content hacks that you can use to create more engaging emails. There is no denying that email marketing is one of the best ways for you to reach people today. 

However, for your email marketing efforts to be a real success, you need to consider the design carefully, as it is true that many emails end up in the trash. 

However, if you follow the tips mentioned above, you can turn your email account into another revenue stream.

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