E-commerce for B2B Businesses

WebSell is the perfect B2B e-commerce solution for businesses selling to wholesale customers. With deep ERP integration, your back-office system can power your website and online ordering system, meaning all offline and online sales work from one data source.

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B2B e-commerce that scales with you

Integrate with your existing ERP system

Seamless integration between the WebSell e-commerce platform and your key systems.

Create smooth online experiences

Make more B2B sales with responsive and intuitive online buying experiences, optimized for B2B buyers.

With the support you need to succeed

We have real people ready to support you and help you make more B2B online sales.

“I could hand on heart recommend WebSell to anyone who’s looking for an e-commerce platform. Especially if you’re looking for something that’s agile and will allow you to come out of the gate at a rate of knots. If your POS is supported by WebSell, then it’s a no-brainer for anyone to choose them.”

Andy Danks
E-commerce Manager at My Pet Warehouse

Grow your B2B business online

With WebSell, scaling online for business to business companies has never been easier. Integrate your online and offline sales and reduce manual data entry.

Experience the power of integration

WebSell is the powerful B2B ecommerce platform that you need to succeed. When your ERP system and website are integrated, your offline and online data is synchronized in real time.

Manage your store with ease

With your website and ERP system working together, inventory management becomes a lot easier. B2B customers have full visibility over what’s in stock and where.

Handle B2B transactions your way

WebSell supports a number of payment gateways and different ways to checkout based on specific customer criteria or grouping.

Flexibility to tackle any challenge

Get a fully customizable B2B commerce platform where you can add your own integrations to your experience. If you experience supply chain issues or other challenges, WebSell can adapt to your needs.

Use the power of integration to grow your B2B sales

WebSell is a feature-rich e-commerce platform that is user-friendly enough to get started on right away, and deep enough to let you explore new ways to expand your e-commerce business.

Custom pricing

Offer custom pricing based on customer criteria or discount in bulk to select groups.

Account balance payments

Let customers pay for orders based on their account balance or specific invoicing system.

Payment method control

Show or hide selected payment method options for specific customers or groups.

ERP integration

WebSell is a B2B ecommerce system built with your existing ERP system in mind — everything on your website is driven by your existing back office data.

Web order management

Web orders and new customer information are downloaded automatically from your webstore, allowing you to process online sales in exactly the same way as in-store transactions.

Web order editing

Edit recently placed orders to add or remove items or adjust quantities. Give customers flexibility after they place an order.

Multiple stores

Keep your B2B and B2C stores separate with multiple stores. Drive multiple online stores, optionally with different URLs and branding, from one back-office installation — ideal for retailers who want to centralize web-based retail operations from one place.

Shipping and delivery

WebSell integrates with shipping providers to auto-calculate rates at checkout. Integrate with carriers like FedEx or USPS, or auto-calculate shipping by distance with Google/Bing.

Digital marketing services

WebSell’s digital marketing services team can help your B2B online business win new customers and help you promote your product or service to existing business buyers.

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