Feature Spotlight: NitroMobile – Smartphone Support for Your WebStore

14 February 2012

We’re happy to announce the release of NitroMobile, a mobile commerce add-on for your NitroSell webstore. NitroMobile recognizes when a customer is shopping your webstore with a smart phone. It automatically serves a different version of your webstore to fit in the smaller screen of a smartphone and to provide navigation with convenient, finger-friendly buttons.

“I am very excited to have my site in people’s pockets where they can shop, and buy, instantly.”– PM Hobbycraft

While it’s true that smartphones continue to have higher speed Internet connections and better quality screens, shopping on a webstore that is not mobile-optimized is slow and awkward. In the example below, you can see the difference between a webstore that’s not mobile-optimized and NitroMobile. On the non-mobile optimized view, it took three “pinch & zoom” motions to enlarge the navigation area enough to view and navigate the departments.

With_Without_NitroMobileNitroMobile is now available to serve the increasingly mobile consumer. “In September (2011) we saw two-thirds of all smartphone owners perform shopping activities on their phones …” said Mark Donovan, comScore senior vice president for mobile. “Considering there are currently 90 million smartphone owners in the U.S., retailers without a well-developed mobile strategy are not only missing a tremendous opportunity with these customers but also risk becoming obsolete in the minds of these digital omnivores.”

NitroMobile works on iPhone, Android and Windows 7 smart phones. iPod Touch devices connected to WiFi are also supported.

NitroMobile navigation is very fast and simple. It uses the same Department > Category > Sub-Category navigation as your regular webstore. If you have assigned your items to more than one department and category, no problem, NitroMobile supports this too. (If you haven’t enabled this functionality on your current webstore, click here for more information.)

Drill Down

Here’s a look at other NitroMobile functionality.

Matrix Support – including stock availability by dimension.


Sale / Discount Pricing –  Note: RMS customer discount support is available in the Professional and HQ Editions.


Product Page Detail – The left picture shows the product’s extended description and current stock status. The right picture shows the “show me other related” products. Note; the Advanced Search Bar and Theme drop-down menu must be enabled on your webstore for theme items to appear as shown below.

Product Page

Keyword Search


We haven’t included screen shots of the set-up process. That’s because there is no additional activity required to support your products on NitroMobile.

“Having the mobile site linked directly to my existing NitroSell site and RMS database with no extra effort helps me concentrate more on my customers and products.” – PM Hobbycraft

RMS Voucher Sale – note: this is available for customers running NitroSell Professional and HQ Edition webstores.


Shopping Cart and Checkout Step 1

Cart Checkout

Checkout – Step 2 and 3


Order Confirmation and E-mail Notification

Order Confirmation

RMS Voucher Redemption

Voucher Redeem


Try it yourself! From your smart phone simply enter nitromobiledemo.com into your smartphone browser.

NitroMobile Demo Emulator

Don’t have a smartphone but you would like to see the NitroMobileDemo.com demo on your PC? Simply click here or copy & paste this URL http://hq.websell.io/nitromobile/ into your browser. Note: emulators don’t always render the format as cleanly as the actual smartphone screen. Google Chrome is recommended for this emulator.

NitroMobile Demo PC Emulator

Emulating NitroMobile Demo on a PC

Next Steps

To inquire or upgrade your webstore with NitroMobile integrated mCommerce, please open a ticket on the Partner Portal. NitroMobile is released and can be quickly added to your account. Once upgraded, we recommend that you inform your customers that they now have the convenience of shopping on the go. Just a quick mention on your Facebook site, blog article, newsletters, website and POS receipts can be very productive. Also, we recommend that you enable mobile tracking in your Google Analytics account to monitor your mobile performance metrics.

If you’re a NitroSell partner and would like to discuss NitroMobile with your customers, please reference the 2012 price book in the Partner Portal under Resources > Pricing Information. As a reminder to partners you may view NitroMobile on your demostores if they’re on the early adopters’ or beta versions. If your demostore is not on one of these versions, simply open a ticket to ask that your demostore be migrated. You may wish to consider migrating to the beta version so that you can also demonstrate NitroSell’s new Persistent Filtered Search.