Feature Spotlight: Better Mailing List Integration

17 July 2009

You may have already read about how Constant Contact can be integrated into your NitroSell-powered webstore. We have recently extended our support for Constant Contact by integrating it with our web form to e-mail feature (/store/go/mailer/ to those in the know!).

Integrated Constant Contact Form on a NitroSell Webstore

Note above the question: “Would you like to subscribe to our newsletter?” If this checkbox is ticked, then whatever form details you choose can be sent to your Constant Contact mailing list automatically, upon submission of the form. Here’s how it looks on the Constant Contact side:

Constant Contact List

We like to keep things simple, so integrating Constant Contact into your web form is as easy as:

But wait, there’s more! We recognized that you may have multiple mailing lists. What happens if you have two forms, with details of one going to one list, and details of the other going to a different list? Not to worry because the solution is simple:

So there you have it. Mailing list integration with your web forms that’s as flexible as you need it to be!