Feature Spotlight: Enhanced Promotion Codes

29 April 2011

Promotions are a valuable tool to drive shoppers to your webstore and increase conversions. We’ve recently released the following enhancements to make the webstore’s promo codes more flexible and useful to your business:

To create or modify promo codes, login to your WebStore Manager and choose the Promotions link from the menu on the left. You will be presented with a list of existing codes, along with details on their usage and some new fields including the number of rules assigned (if any):

Clicking a promo code in the listing displays the Edit Promotion popup:

From the Details tab, you can change basic information such as the Promotion Name, which will be displayed alongside any items the promo applies to in the basket; the Promotion Code — the text shoppers enter at checkout to apply the promo; and the Discount Type — either an Amount Off or a Percentage Off the web order.

The next step of creating a promo code is to set the Restrictions:

Promotion Rules essentially enable you to specify more fine-grained restrictions. The tab lists rules that either cause the promo to apply or not apply to items in the shopping cart.

Clicking Add Rule… brings up the WSM rule configurator, which has been adapted to accommodate promo codes:

Enhanced promotion codes are available on the beta version of the webstore. If you’d like to upgrade your store to avail of the new functionality, please open a ticket on our Partner Portal.

We hope you’re as excited as us about this new feature! As always, we welcome your comments.