Checklist for the Holiday Season

7 October 2013

With the holiday season soon under-way there are some essential points that all web stores should be displaying in the coming weeks to make the most of the peak selling times:

Store opening times – These should be displayed prominently on your site so that customers are aware of any extended opening hours or extra days your shop may be open for business. Customers often like to shop during off-peak times to avoid the crowds so this information is essential. It will also reduce the usual “What time are you closing today?” phone calls.

Display last order dates for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery – Combat the inevitable disappointment when customers place orders too late and their goods arrive after Christmas. Displaying your guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery times also prompts your customers to make purchases sooner rather than later.

Offer a fast delivery option – Despite all the warnings, there will all ways be customers who like to leave their purchasing to the last minute. Offering a premium delivery service will be a more expensive shipping option but may be a lifeline to your “Last minute” shoppers. Speedy delivery may make the difference whether an item is purchased or not.

Publicize any in store events – Do you have any special events planned? Perhaps a pre-Christmas promotion, a sponsored event or special activities being held in your town? Let your customers know and shout about these on your site to increase the footfall in your brick and mortar shop.

Finally, if you’re planning a big sale or promotion event, test it before the planned start date to ensure it is working correctly. With several new features added to our software this year, our retailers may not be entirely familiar with set up procedures and this usually leads to an increase in support requests and possible response delays. Stay ahead so we can help you in a timely manner.

Good Luck!