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Guides • 20 May 2021

E-commerce SEO: The Complete Guide (2021)

Article first published April 2019, updated May 2021. To succeed at e-commerce, ranking higher than the competition on Google is essential. This is done through SEO.

Email Marketing • 24 March 2021

Email Marketing for Retail: 11 Tips for 2021

Article first published March 2019, updated March 2021. Email is one of the most effective marketing channels for retailers that want to increase sales. For a relatively low investment of both time and money, the ROI (Return On Investment) from emailing customers directly is clear to see.

eCommerce • 11 March 2021

4 Key Reasons Why Your E-commerce Site Needs a Blog

Pretty much every business needs a web presence in 2020. This much we know. But what many don’t know is that having a blog can hugely improve traffic and sales. Blogging plays a role in the customer’s buying journey.

Customer Experience • 18 February 2021

How to Increase Your Store’s Average Order Value

Average Order Value (AOV) is the average amount spent by customers on each online purchase made on your webstore. The value of the average basket is usually calculated using this formula: Total revenue before taxes and shipping / number of orders placed = average basket value.

eCommerce • 3 November 2020

11 Top eCommerce Marketing Tools

Getting your website up and running is one thing, but no one will buy from your site unless you market it to potential customers. A big hurdle for many is that most small and independent retailers can’t afford to hire marketing professionals. That’s where your suite of marketing tools comes in.

eCommerce • 29 September 2020

How to Prepare Your eCommerce Site for the Holiday Season

In a year unlike any other it might seem hard to predict anything, but online shopping for the holidays in 2020 is going to be huge. And it’s not just for the major marketplaces like Amazon. Google has seen a major jump in support for local small businesses this year.

Guides • 23 September 2020

Why Product Packaging is Important for E-commerce in 2020

Product packaging is the final touchpoint with your customer. It’s your last line of marketing, and nailing it often means returning customers. Your packaging is a physical manifestation of your brand.

Guides • 19 August 2020

15 Ways E-commerce Brands Can Grow Their Email List

Many businesses would not have been so successful if it wasn’t for email marketing. Since emails are a great way to connect with customers directly, using them to share offers, promotions, and news is a great strategy for smaller brands.

eCommerce • 31 March 2020

How to Do eCommerce Marketing During a Crisis

COVID-19 owns the global narrative, which can make getting your message out there hard. However, your customers shop with you for a reason and they don’t expect you to deliver their daily news. But it wouldn’t be wise to ignore the global situation either.

Guides • 29 January 2020

How to Leverage User-Generated Content to Increase Sales

If you’re making daily sales, then you could be generating valuable content daily and at no extra cost to you. Sound good? Then keep reading! Content created by your customers has been proven to help boost sales and increase customer retention.