Announcing Membership Support in NitroSell

19 February 2015

We are pleased to announce that the NitroSell platform has been expanded to offer membership purchase at the checkout. This feature allows you to offer varying membership types that can have price levels and forms associated with them.

By purchasing a membership, the shopper instantly gains access to that membership type’s price level. The purchase doesn’t have to go down to the POS and back to the web store. The shoppers basket is reloaded to give affect to the new price level associated with the membership type selected.

You can also define a form that the shopper must fill out to avail of the membership. The details of this form are mailed to the store email and the customer record in your POS is updated to reflect the membership type and expiry the shopper has bought.

How to avail of, and set up, this functionality is explained in detail on the NitroSell forum.