Adding Value to the On-line Shopping Experience

21 March 2013

Attracting new business and retaining current business has long been the mantra for all retailers, large or small. As most consumers now live in a world where every penny counts it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing every sale must be driven by price and smaller players will be at a disadvantage to larger companies with greater buying power. Although it’s certainly true that all retailers must, to an extent be price competitive, many customers also have a high expectation of good customer service and this presents independent retailers an opportunity to compete with the “Big Players”, particularly with on-line sales.

Over the years NitroSell has added many features which help to offer those little extra services that help keep customers loyal. Newsletters are always high on the list of recommended ways but there are other subtle little ways of reaching out to your customers and standing out from the crowd.

Abandon Cart Email Query – If customers have gone to the trouble of finding your site, browsed for products,  set up an account and suddenly “whoosh” they have left and abandoned your site without even waving goodbye, wouldn’t you be curious as to why? Ask them. Let them know you are interested by setting up the abandoned cart notification email which will be sent automatically to customers who have registered but for whatever reason have not proceeded with a purchase. Click here for more info. Abandoned Cart Email

Back in Stock NotificationOut of Stocks are a real bug bearer when shopping on-line both for customers and retailers but you can reduce the inevitable frustration by adding this neat little feature to let customers know when more stock is available – Click here for more info. Back In Stock Notification Email

Start a Blog – There is no better way to connect with your customers than starting a Blog. Shout about who you are, what you do and why you are the best. Customers are more likely to trust and support a business they feel they have a connection with and who are passionate about what they do. A Blog helps maintain contact and build a rapport with clients. We have recently released an update on how to create and manage a Blog directly from your web store. Click here for more info. New Blogging Features for your Web Store

Customer Review Request Email Positive customer reviews are friendly little nudges which instil confidence and help the customer decide to go ahead with their purchase. However, many customers are reluctant to share their views and in reality it’s common to see web stores which have just a handful of products showing customer reviews. To encourage more feedback, NitroSell has a feature that emails customers asking for reviews of items they have bought. Click here for more info. Customer Review Request Email

Loyalty – I’ve saved the best until last. Going back to the original point, when every penny counts customers will always look for savings where possible. If you have proved you care about your business and gained the trust of your customers then the icing on the cake is to reward them for purchasing from you. NitroSell have recently launched an integration with bLoyal to enable the set-up of on-line loyalty programs – Click here for more info bLoyal Integration with Nitrosell