How Good Photography Can Improve Sales

17 February 2020

Have you ever realized the importance that photography has on your conversation rate and final sales? The content and product descriptions on your website remain crucial, but having unique and quality visuals to represent your stock also plays a vital role in turning visitors into customers. Why? Well, let’s let at some key figures.

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Source: Buffer, 2014

So, now that you know why visuals are so important, what can you do about it? In this guide, we will give you practical and low-cost ways to improve your sales by optimizing your product photography.

Real and unique photography makes a difference

Sure, the Internet is full of free images and image banks with endless resources that you could use to populate your online store, but having your own visuals on your e-commerce site will stand out. Today’s customers are more and more looking for authenticity in their shopping experiences, so showing your products in real-life situations can often be more effective than a standard product shot.

Millennials, who are now maturing as a generation with purchasing power, have been shown to value experiences over owning things, so appealing to their desire to have these experiences is key to gaining them as customers.

NitroSell retailer Patagonia has many good examples of how to incorporate products into real-life with simplicity:

Use multiple images for each product

When shopping online, customers want details and information so showing them the products from different angles and giving them to option to zoom/enlarge/rotate these photos can also improve your conversion rates.

The details bring sensitivity to the product purchase and allow the customer to imagine the situation where they will use the item. Your product descriptions will often describe the situation where the product will be used, and talk about benefits over features, so your product photography should attempt to show this lifestyle where your products are being used and show multiple shots of the product too.

Using pictures from the vendors/manufacturers should give you enough angles and shots to show each side to the product, but combining these with lifestyle shots of your product can take your sales up another level. NitroSell retailer DeLaurenti has some good examples of product shots mixed with lifestyle images.

Can I take good product shots on a budget?

Digital cameras take more appealing pictures than smartphones and there’s no doubt about it. However, cameras on our smartphones are improving from year to year and some phones now exceed 15 million pixels. It is therefore quite possible to take professional-quality photos with a smartphone, but it’s important to take those shots in front of a suitable background and with sufficient lighting.

If you decide to take photos of your products with your smartphone, the total budget you’d need could easily amount to less than $60, with only a white background (average of $20) and two light spots (average of $30) needed.

In conclusion, here are our tips to use great photography to increase your sales:

Do you have unique photography on your website? Do you think it’s important or not to increase your sales? Tell us in the comment section below!