Feature Spotlight: POS 2009 Shipping Method

15 October 2010

NitroSell eCommerce has traditionally handled shipping charge calculation by using the Microsoft Dynamics RMS shipping charge settings and synchronizing them to the WebStore. However, Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 does not provide pre-defined shipping methods and rates. POS 2009 shipping charges for brick and mortar sales are manually entered by the cashier within the sales transaction.  Because of this, and other differences between RMS and POS 2009, NitroSell has created a new version of NitroSell eCommerce for POS 2009. Upon setup within WebStore Manager (WSM), the webstore will calculate the shipping charge for online sales and send the amount with the order upon synchronization with POS 2009.

The WebStore Manager (WSM) for POS 2009 has a Shipping Method Administration tab that can be accessed by navigating Configuration > Shipping and Taxes > Shipping Method Admin.

After defining the Shipping Method Name and selecting the Charging Method (by Order Total or by Weight), you may enter the appropriate number of line item for shipping charges. In this example, all orders up to $49.99 will be charged $20 shipping with a maximum rate of $30.

The NitroSell POS 2009 Get Web Orders (GWO) pulls the shipping charge from the web order into the POS 2009 transaction for simple processing.