Introducing the Fastest Shopping Experience We’ve Ever Delivered with Next Gen E-commerce

2 November 2021 • 7 min read

WebSell retailers can now deliver hyper-fast online webstores with intuitive user experiences. Explore Next Gen E-commerce by WebSell.

In 2020, e-commerce became the main source of revenue for many retailers. With more customers turning to shopping online, this brought website optimization into focus. For e-commerce sites, the two main areas of importance are Site Speed and User Experience.

Today, WebSell is announcing the biggest investment we’ve ever made to our core webstore experience, delivering major upgrades to both global site speed, and user experience, where we’ve focused on simplifying and speeding up the checkout process.

As you know, NitroSell is now WebSell, and we’ve changed our look and website. With our rebrand, we’re also giving retailers the opportunity to upgrade their site too and win more sales by doing so! Our Next Gen E-commerce upgrade will let retailers deliver a faster, smoother online experience to their shoppers, resulting in real uplifts to online orders and revenue.

Snapshot of what we’re delivering with Next Gen E-commerce:

Hyper-fast WebStores

The biggest upgrade to site speed and user experience we’ve ever made. Next Gen webstores deliver a hyper-fast experience across every webstore, resulting in websites loading in just 1 second — on average, 1.2 seconds faster than current WebSell stores.

Reimagined Checkouts

Buying from WebSell stores will be faster and more user-friendly than they’ve ever been. These improvements will deliver real and measurable benefits to your store, with an expected increase of 5.3% to checkout conversion rates.

Address Finder & Address Autocomplete

With the Address Finder & Address Autocomplete function, you can reduce friction with customers and speed up your conversions by letting them search for their address on your checkout page. Your customers just start typing and their address will be found and autocompleted for their convenience. This feature reduces the time taken to enter an address on checkout by up to 80%, and the cost of the service is included.

Branded Emails (to match your new store)

With your upgrade to Next Gen E-commerce you also get fully branded and customized emails to match your store’s new look and feel. Your new emails will match your store’s speed, and load quickly in people’s inboxes, delivering your offers and messages faster and more effectively.

Early Access to New Features

With your upgrade to Next Gen you’ll also receiver early access to exciting features we have coming in 2022.

Full breakdown of Next Gen E-commerce features:

Hyper-fast WebStores

Next Gen webstores bring the fastest shopping experience possible to the WebSell platform. With a lean code structure and fully responsive display, WebSell webstores running Next Gen will load on average 1.2 seconds faster than current WebSell sites. The future of e-commerce is all about speed and convenience, and that’s what this upgrade delivers.

WebSell Next Gen webstore in action

Redeveloped site infrastructure from the ground up

We’ve reimagined our webstores from the ground up to deliver a more streamlined website. Technical improvements made to Next Gen webstores include:

  • Utility classes are now used, giving you a more flexible and responsive design framework
  • Accessibility and SEO health checks are now run at every stage of development
  • Improved and simplified markup across the board, giving you a cleaner and faster site
  • In-house solution for mobile navigation instead of relying on chunky JavaScript libraries
  • Branded emails from Day 1 for your webstore, giving your business a consistent look

Next Gen webstores allow you to achieve measurable improvements to your core e-commerce performance metrics including:

  • Next Gen webstores load in just 1 second -1.2 seconds faster than the current average WebSell site
  • Increase the rate of site visitors who purchase from your online store by 5.30% (increased conversion rate)
  • Almost 20% of site visitors will stay on your site for longer (reduced bounce rate)

Reimagined Checkouts

WebSell checkouts are also receiving the biggest upgrade we’ve ever seen with the specific goal of improving checkout speed and conversions. Checking out on your store will be even faster than before.

Delivering a smoother and frictionless experience for all customers, improvements include:

  • Redesigned and simplified checkout page makes completing a purchase quicker than before
  • More visible shopping cart that stays locked in place while your customer moves through the checkout process
  • Clearer visibility of payment options when checking out with vibrant logos
  • User-friendly credit card entry form to streamline payments
  • Express checkout options displayed from the start of the process, including ApplePay, Google Pay, and PayPal Express (note: initially only available with Stripe and Braintree)

Address Finder & Address Autocomplete

We’re also adding a feature to webstores that lets customers find and validate their address from the checkout page. This added layer of validation ensures customers that their product will be shipped accurately, and saves them time in entering their address, resulting in higher conversion rates.

In the age of user experience, address lookup and validation are key features for ensuring e-commerce success. This new address feature lets you:

  • Avoid failed deliveries due to inaccurate details entered on checkout
  • Reduce cart abandonment by eliminating friction when customers enter their delivery details
  • Improve user experience by speeding up the checkout process and providing more accessibility

Branded Store Emails

Your digital business needs to present a consistent and cohesive brand identity across all channels. Being the most effective marketing channel, it’s vital that your emails look like your website. With your Next Gen upgrade, you also get fully branded emails for the key emails that are sent during the checkout process. From order confirmation to product review request emails, every customer communication will be uplifted.

  • Webstore-specific email branding for the most popular emails sent from the webstore
  • Covering Order Confirmation, Account Creation, Product Review Request, and Refund Request
  • Welcome and Promo Emails can be included, whether you send your emails through Mailchimp or Constant Contact

Early Access to New Features

With your Next Gen upgrade, you also get early access to new features we launch on the WebSell platform. This means you can get early access to beta versions of key features that will make a difference for your store.

Why you need to upgrade

The past year in e-commerce was all about speed and convenience. Customers turned to e-commerce to reduce physical interaction, and this trend looks set to continue. This means businesses need to bring the speed and convenience associated with their brick-and-mortar store to their online store.

Some succeeded, and some failed to live up to customer expectations. Your Next Gen E-commerce upgrade allows you to turn your site into a speedier and more convenient alternative for your customers.

What did we learn about site speed, site usage, and checkout optimization over the past few years? Did you know that:

  • The first five seconds of page-load time have the highest impact on conversion rates
  • Website conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of load time
  • 70% of consumers admit that page speed impacts their willingness to buy from an online retailer
  • Slow load times are a primary reason visitors abandon a checkout process

So, if you want your e-commerce store to compete in today’s world, you need a site that loads in under two seconds that has a swift checkout process, along with an accompanying mobile app for even more convenience.

Next Gen E-commerce delivers exactly that.

How do I upgrade?

To upgrade your store to Next Gen E-commerce, open a ticket, or book a call with our Next Gen E-commerce specialist to hear about pricing and your upgrade timeline.

You can also watch our recently recorded webinar on Next Gen E-commerce below:

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