Welcome to Part 1 of the WebSell Video Training Series for Windward System Five

This part is all about the Product Attribute Manager, or PAM for short. This series should be watched in order so when finished, click the ‘Next video’ button to be taken to the next training video.

Note: Some of our videos still have our old branding on them. We’re working on updating them! 😉

Part 1: Preparing Products with the Product Attribute Manager

Videos included in this part are:

  1. How to Use the Product Attribute Manager (PAM) (watch below!)
  2. How to Use the Advanced Features of the Product Attribute Manager (PAM)

You can jump to Part 2: How to Use to WebSell’s Most Popular Features right here.

Step 1: How to Use the Product Attribute Manager (PAM)

Next you’ll learn even more about the power of PAM with our deep-dive into some of the more advanced features.

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