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Features • 27 September 2011

Feature Spotlight: AlertPay Payment Gateway Integration

NitroSell E-Commerce already supports many payment gateways, from Realex to PayPal, they all have their advantages, disadvantages and costs. Each gateway covers certain geographic areas and deals with certain currencies.

Features • 18 August 2009

Feature Spotlight: Applying Tax to Shipping Rates

Between Goods & Services Tax, Provincial Sales Tax, and Harmonized Sales Tax, getting your shipping tax set-up correct in Canada can be pretty confusing: Goods & Services (GST): Everything imported into Canada is subject to GST @ 5%.

Features • 17 July 2009

Feature Spotlight: Item Availability on the Web

Providing good quality information on availability makes it more likely that shoppers will buy from your webstore. Fortunately, NitroSell eCommerce provides great flexibility in deciding which information to display. This article gives an overview of how item availability works on the webstore.

Features • 14 July 2009

Feature Spotlight: Built-in SEO (Part 1)

NitroSell eCommerce uses a number of well-recognized, safe techniques to ensure your webstore’s content is optimized for search engines. For purposes of this post, I’ll be using examples from Cork Art Supplies’ webstore.