Product Attribute Manager

Quickly edit large quantities of item data from your Point of Sale’s database with WebSell’s Product Attribute Manager (PAM). Managing your products has never been easier.

Total Product Management

WebSell’s Product Attribute Manager was created to provide a higher level of content management for your products beyond your Point of Sale system.

With PAM you can access your POS database and edit items from a more streamlined and faster interface.

The WebSell PAM dashboard

Manage product attributes

Manage all aspects of your product data with advanced functions. Create filters to view groups of items or perform string functions to copy, paste, and add data. You can also create formulas to adjust numeric values.

Drag and drop images

Assigning images to your products can be done using simple drag and drop functionality. Managing your products doesn’t have to be difficult.

We call it PAM

Just like your favourite Office assistant, PAM makes it easier to run your store efficiently.

Watch the PAM demo

Watch the video for a rundown on how PAM works to make managing your products easier.

Want to manage every aspect of your products?

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