Why You Need a Mobile Responsive Website

24 July 2019 • 4 min read

An update to Google’s algorithm in 2015 meant that websites that displayed well on smartphones and mobile devices would be given priority over those that did not; it was named Mobilegeddon. With this update, it became essential that sites looked as good and functioned as well on mobile as they did on desktop. For e-commerce websites, a mobile responsive site is even more essential because site visits mean sales; and this ensures you stay in business.

In this article, we will look at why everyone needs a mobile responsive site, some of the key stats around mobile usage vs. desktop, how a non-mobile responsive can undermine your business, and crucially, how you can get a mobile responsive site.

What Is Mobile Responsive Website Design?

Responsive design has been the major trend in web design ever since Google’s algorithm update, but non-designers may struggle with why they need it if they don’t understand the concept.

Mobile responsive design can solve a lot of your website’s issues, the main one being that with a mobile responsive design, it will ensure your site scales to whatever screen size is accessing the site. Responsive design is the way in which the website is put together to ensure it automatically scales everything on the screen to match the screen it is being viewed on, primarily smartphones and tablets.

However, a mobile responsive site design does more than just improve how your site looks on devices.

What Are the Advantages of a Mobile Responsive Site Design?

Along with ensuring your site is accessible on every type of mobile device, from tablets to phones, a mobile responsive site also improves your site’s search engine rankings. Google prefers sites that are mobile responsive and will give them preference over those that are not optimized for mobile devices. Google, like all your customers, love to see a site that scales to their device. They even offer a mobile responsive test so you can check how usable your site is when viewed on a mobile device.

Responsive design eliminates the need for unnecessary scrolling or zooming to see everything on the webpage. No matter what device you access a site from, each element on the desktop version of your site should be represented on smaller screens. If they aren’t, you won’t be providing an optimum experience for your site customers.

Why Responsive Design Is Key for eCommerce?

Converting website traffic into buying customers is the main goal of any e-commerce website. When your customer accesses your site and is restricted from certain views or elements aren’t visible without screen manipulation, then you might have already lost a sale.

The fact is that your biggest competitors have a mobile responsive website. If you want to keep up, you need to invest in a mobile responsive site.

Mobile currently accounts for almost half of the worldwide web traffic. In Q1 of 2019, mobile devices created 48.71% of global website traffic. You wouldn’t close your store’s doors to half of your customers, but by not having a mobile responsive site, this is effectively what is happening.

How Do I Get a Mobile Responsive Site?

By talking to us. WebSell’s design team has been designing mobile responsive sites that drive traffic, sales, and revenue for over 10 years. Key design features that our team looks at when designing a mobile responsive site are:

The WebSell team also ensures that your mobile site works on every relevant browser for your business, as each browser displays sites in different ways. With the WebSell mobile responsive design package, we ensure your site is optimal on every browser.

Check out our design gallery for some inspiration.


In today’s always-on world, your website needs to look awesome on every single device. Responsive design is how you make this a reality.

If you’re selling online, responsive website design will allow you to:

WebSell is not only an integrated e-commerce provider, but also a creative design studio offering services to help design, build, and promote your online store. Contact us today to get a free consultation about the design of your store.

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