Instagram Shopping Integration

Now you can sell to your customers through your Instagram account. Let new and loyal customers discover your products and shop directly from their timeline.

Show Your Products to the World

Instagram Shopping lets your products get discovered by anyone. With 500 million people across the world using Instagram daily, you can inspire people to purchase your goods by connecting your store to Instagram.

Instagram is a visual-first platform, meaning powerful product shots will help you sell more, like WebSell merchant Sioux Shop.

Sioux Shop uses their Instagram shop to boost traffic and sales.

Leverage the power of WebSell’s integrated e-commerce solution and automatically connect your inventory to Instagram. Keep your store, website, and Instagram store all synchronized to one data source.

Sell on social

Your customers can now discover and buy your products directly from social media with our Instagram Shopping integration.

WebSell turns Instagram into a real revenue-driving channel for your business by connecting your social media account directly to your product inventory. Now you can measure the real ROI of your social media channels.

Tag your products

Tag your Instagram posts where products appear. Then, when someone taps a product tag on your post or a product sticker in your story, they can buy the product directly from your webstore.

Users can also tap the Shop Now button, which takes them directly to your webstore for the corresponding product, where they can add the item directly to the shopping cart and checkout.

Sell from one product inventory

Instagram now connects directly to your Point of Sale and webstore. Working from one data source, WebSell takes your POS, webstore, online marketplaces, and social media accounts and connects them all together.

Turn your Instagram account into a shopping experience for new and loyal customers today.

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