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How Sioux Shop transformed their business with a seamless integration between POS system and e-commerce site.

Sioux Shop overcame many business challenges by working with WebSell to deliver an e-commerce experience that delivers

Sioux Shop and WebSell have worked together for over 14 years. Throughout that time the business has scaled successfully alongside their e-commerce platform. During the partnership, Sioux Shop switched Point of Sale systems seamlessly with WebSell and has continued to operate a fully integrated store.

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Champions on the ice and off

Sioux Shop is the official merchandise retailer for the University of North Dakota athletics teams, including men’s and women’s ice hockey, basketball, and volleyball. They sell clothing, home décor, and novelty items, all branded around the University of North Dakota.

Based in the state-of-the-art Ralph Engelstad Arena, the Sioux Shop operates within the sports facility and is the go-to place for UND fans. Having a reliable e-commerce site has helped the store conduct business day-to-day and make sales online.

In this case study we’ll explore how Sioux Shop has succeeded by incorporating e-commerce into their business. Using WebSell, they’ve scaled their business to new heights and continue to grow.

Using e-commerce for online and offline success

Being a retailer for a celebrated athletics team, Sioux Shop naturally does a lot of business in and around gameday. Having a responsive and flexible e-commerce platform was therefore key to their success. But most all, they needed a platform that would integrate seamlessly with their in-store Point of Sale system.

Integration means that whatever staff do in-store, from transactions to product price changes, is synchronized with the webstore. This is vital for the store to function during busy times when sales are being made in-store and online simultaneously. Sioux Shop found WebSell as the leading e-commerce platform that integrates to their POS system, Retail Pro.

Sioux Shop use their site in their brick-and-mortar store to assist staff and give customers a better experience. Here’s what they said:

We use our website all the time. Whether it be guiding a customer over the phone to a specific item to help them shop our site, or internally for staff to use to look at images of an item.

Jason Carlson,
Store Manager at Sioux Shop

Jason encourages his staff to rely on the e-commerce site as a trusted guide to what’s happening in the store with regards to stock, sizes, and prices. Integration between POS system and webstore makes this possible.

With a big and busy store, it can often interrupt business if staff continually need to search shelves for specific items. With a fully integrated e-commerce site, Sioux Shop can use their website in the store to quickly and effectively get a snapshot of what’s left in stock:

We even use the filters when a customer walks into the store and wants to only see items in men’s 3XL, for example. Some of my staff will open a browser with the store, use the filters, and then take that customer directly to those few items that apply, rather than spend time wondering around the store looking at everything.”

Jason Carlson,
Store Manager at Sioux Shop

Sioux Shop’s whole business is fully synchronized between brick and mortar and e-commerce site, even down to how staff work day-to-day. Their integration saves staff time, which leads to happier customers and ultimately, more revenue.

Teamwork wins championships

Working together collaboratively is a big reason why Sioux Shop has run their e-commerce through WebSell for so long. WebSell doesn’t just give you the platform and lets you handle everything yourself, while you have autonomy over what to do, we also guide you through the software.

With WebSell’s guided setup and training add-ons, Sioux Shop could learn at their own pace and reach out to our support team if any assistance was required. After a smooth implementation, Sioux Shop continued to work with WebSell and grow together with the platform:

I like the simplicity and the ease of use. WebSell teaches you how to run it and I have control to do what I need to without always having to ask for help. The guys at WebSell have A++ customer service and is always great to talk to when a problem comes up.

Jason Carlson,
Store Manager at Sioux Shop

Trusting the process

Working with WebSell, Sioux Shop’s online metrics have continued to grow yearly. Recently the site has seen a 40% boost to site visits and a yearly growth of 19% to online orders.

Trusting the WebSell platform and incorporating e-commerce throughout the business over the past 14+ years has led to such growth. However, Sioux Shop’s dedicated and innovative staff are the main reason behind their continued success.

WebSell is just delighted to have been a part of their journey for so long.

I have been working with WebSell for 14+ years and it’s been great! Over the 14 years there have been lots of hurdles and changes and we have worked through them together. I am happy to be with WebSell.

Jason Carlson,
Store Manager at Sioux Shop

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