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How Central Floral Supplies saw boosts to revenue and traffic across the business when they integrated to Dynamics 365 Business Central with WebSell.

Central Floral Supplies boosted online sales, traffic, and conversions by switching to Dynamics 365 Business Central with WebSell’s e-commerce integration

Central Floral Supplies is a family run business that wanted to challenge its biggest competitors. They decided to change their in-store system to the Dynamics NAV, now called Dynamics 365 Business Central. Central Floral Supplies found the transition seamless and managed to increase store revenue.


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Family business to market challenger

Established in 1973, Central Floral Supplies has been family run since opening and is now one of Ireland’s largest wholesalers of fresh flowers, floral sundries, and seasonal decorations. Operating from its central brick-and-mortar hub in Cork, Ireland, Central Floral Supplies have continued to grow since their founding.

Director of Central Floral, Brian McCarthy, has always embraced new ideas and technologies and was an early adopter of e-commerce when he became involved in the business. The business has been a WebSell retailer for over 14 years and has almost been with WebSell for its entire history.

As Central Floral Supplies has scaled alongside WebSell’s e-commerce solution, the business has been instrumental in testing and helping to create some of our most used features. As a result, the business has been on the cutting edge of e-commerce innovation and this has allowed the business to both challenge and beat their close competitors.

I’ve worked alongside the WebSell team for longer than I can remember. Being able to grow alongside the platform we use has been an amazing experience and I love working with the guys at WebSell.

Brian McCarthy, Director at Central Floral Supplies

Integrating with success

To continue to meet customer expectations while keeping the complexities of the growth of the business manageable, Central Floral Supplies needed an ERP to replace its existing POS. Between its warehouse, shop floor, and online store, the business needed a robust system and a seamless integration to ensure no existing sales data was lost.

Central Floral Supplies moved to upgrade their ERP to a powerful and scalable Microsoft Dynamics NAV (now called Dynamics 365 Business Central) system in 2017. WebSell developed the integration to Dynamics NAV alongside Central Floral Supplies, who would be an early adopter of the new integration.

Brian McCarthy worked with all of our teams to deliver on his new project, including Development, Support, and Implementation. Each team worked tirelessly to deliver on a smooth integration that ensured all products and data were synchronized between shop floor and website.

With its new Dynamics NAV ERP system, Central Floral Supplies wanted to create a fresh omnichannel shopping experience for customers as well as increase ROI for their online store. Making the transition process as smooth as possible was key throughout the implementation.

Specific challenges that were encountered during the project included smoothly migrating their existing POS-driven e-commerce data, ensuring zero downtime at go live, as well as aligning their web order processing workflow with the new sales order management methodology that came with NAV.

When we upgraded our ERP system recently to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, WebSell were superb in working with us to provide the integration we needed.

Brian McCarthy, Director at Central Floral Supplies

Dynamic and scalable

Upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business Central enabled Central Floral Supplies to seamlessly integrate data across all sales and inventory touchpoints. WebSell’s flexible platform allowed Central Floral Supplies to achieve exactly what they wanted from upgrading to an ERP.

Along with their new ERP system and e-commerce platform, WebSell also delivered a responsive website that customers could easily use. Central Floral customers typically buy in bulk so having a smooth shopping cart experience and interface was essential. Their results post-integration speak to how customers responded to the new site.

As well as improving on sales and site traffic numbers, operational efficiency also saw a huge improvement. To be able to always keep customers informed of what is in stock, where it is, and how much is available remains key for a business that deals in large quantities of perishable goods.

The fast and responsive WebSell integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central was exactly what the business required to succeed. Central Floral Supplies continues to grow and scale with its unified commerce solution.

The ease of use and flexibility of WebSell’s product means we can tailor our website to do exactly what we need it to do. We’ve also seen how their product has evolved over the years and they are constantly updating and improving their features to reflect the ever-changing nature of e-commerce.

Brian McCarthy, Director at Central Floral Supplies


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