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How coastal decor experts Wilford & Lee redesigned their site with WebSell and continues to see massive online growth.

Wilford & Lee redesigned their webstore to fully reflect their store’s theme and product lines

A great website design is key to both winning and retaining customers, and WebSell retailer Wilford & Lee knew a redesigned website was their path to more online revenue. Working with WebSell’s design team, they were able to create an online shopping destination that delighted and reassured customers.

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Coastal decor experts in Southwest Florida

Wilford & Lee has been providing the largest selection of coastal decor products to Southwest Florida since 1988. Starting with just one store, the business has expanded to include four locations across the region. Locally owned and operated, customer service and product expertise have become a staple of their business. Having a website that highlighted the huge selection of home furnishings, as well as their passion for what they sold was key.

Wilford & Lee wanted to connect every brick-and-mortar store to a single website, so they turned to WebSell to use their Point of Sale data to power the website. With Microsoft RMS as their system of choice, picking the leading RMS to e-commerce solutions provider in WebSell was a no-brainer.

Wilford & Lee’s website hadn’t been updated since 2014, so they knew a modern website that was both easier to use and expressed a strong brand identity was needed. WebSell provides customers with a choice of different website design templates when signing up. But for customers that want a more bespoke solution that really expresses their brand, there’s the custom design route. That’s what Wilford & Lee needed to continue to grow.

When we first launched our website, WebSell was able to provide the perfect solution that made it easy for us to seamlessly connect e-commerce with our four physical locations. Over the next few years, we began to outgrow the design template. We realized we needed a custom design that would help take our e-commerce operation to the next level.

Will Heise, Marketing Manager at Wilford & Lee

Defining a brand through great web design

Wilford & Lee’s new website would need to respond to their ever-growing number of mobile shoppers while also nailing their coastal brand identity to the mast (site 😉). The two companies began working together in a series of predetermined stages of design to discover what the brand wanted to express creatively. Combining the creative look-and-feel with the more functional elements was key to the whole process.

Understanding the type of customer which typically purchased on Wilford&Lee.com helped shape the design. Following this analysis, WebSell provided mock-ups and early concepts to the customer. The business had outgrown the initial website template that served them for years, and it was clear that a fully mobile-responsive site that expressed a much more developed brand identity was crucial.

We needed our website to better cater to our growing mobile customer segment and provide a smoother customer shopping experience. We hoped to better convey our coastal theme, seamlessly combine our in store & web shopping, and grow our clients with a responsive design.

Will Heise, Marketing Manager at Wilford & Lee

Working together through challenges

Once a design direction was agreed upon by both parties, the pieces fell into place quickly. With a clearly defined brand direction and core goals (brand expression, mobile responsive, ease-of-use), everything on the new site was only included if it delivered on the core goals.

Unfortunately, a global pandemic occurred during the final stages of the design process, which presented new challenges for both teams. Communication between both WebSell and Wilford & Lee was vital to the success of the project, and despite the circumstances, the new site launched on-time.

It was a painless process. WebSell’s design team made it very easy to submit suggestions and edits throughout the entire design. We had no idea what we wanted and they came up with a great plan for our website. Even though there was a global pandemic during our web design, the WebSell team worked incredibly hard to make our website as amazing as possible. They made time for group calls and my tickets were responded to quickly and efficiently.

Will Heise, Marketing Manager at Wilford & Lee

Design delivered

When Wilford & Lee launched their new site, the results were staggeringly positive. While the coronavirus pandemic had driven a lot more customers online than ever before, launching a more responsive and functional website while traffic was at its peak was a perfect storm for online business.

Wilford & Lee continue to get messages from their customers praising their redesigned website, which now results in some customers preferring to shop online now. Be sure to check out https://www.wilfordandlee.com/ to see an example of some of the WebSell design team’s finest work.

The new design solves the issues we were having! We have had many compliments from customers and continue to see the benefits of everything that we implemented. I know that websites must constantly be maintained and updated. When the time comes again, I would not hesitate to choose WebSell’s design team. They made what was a daunting process go by without a hitch.

Will Heise, Marketing Manager at Wilford & Lee


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