WebStore Manager gets a Facelift

10 May 2013

As NitroSell eCommerce grows we have added more and more functionality to the platform. Much of this functionality is made available to you, the retailer, through the WebStore Manager. As features have accumulated they were assigned to groups made long before the functionality was a twinkling in our developers’ eyes. We came to the realisation that some of the organisation is less than …optimal.

So today we are pleased to announce that we have re-organised the features into a more modern, more intuitive interface. We present WebStore Manager Mark 2!


Dashboard - The Landing Page

Among the first things you will notice is that we have categorized everything into a menu system along the top, matching how the Portal is organized. From here you can access almost any option from high-level menus. The options remain the same, they are simply re-organized into more intuitive groupings. Where an option belongs in two separate groupings, we have included the option in both groupings. So you will find Search in Products, Design and Settings.

Handy pro-tip: the top level item in each menu can be accessed by left clicking on the menu itself.


Like before, the options are grouped with similar options. Taking Product Settings as an example you will find all the options grouped in their own dedicated panel under Products. The options are presented in an accordion manner in order to reduce visual clutter. Mousing over an option will present a synopsis of what the option does. Clicking on it will open up the option presenting the various input fields.

Taking the ‘Unit of Measure‘ option as an example (see right) we can review the various parts of the panel:

  • To the left of the panel are two buttons. The top one will open a relevant screencast in a popup window;
  • The second button will open the most relevant knowledge base article;
  • On the right is a short description of the option;
  • A check box allowing you to switch the option on and off;
  • Various input boxes for the information that needs to be input;
  • A save button.

The last two items will be greyed out until the check box is ticked. When any change is made to the panel, it’s title will change colour indicating if the WSM has successfully saved any change you have entered.

The old ways

Being creatures of habit we sometimes find change difficult. Those that could find their way round the old settings page like the back of their hand will be pleased to know that it is still present, simply click on Settings – it is the first item in the menu.


We are always looking to improve the service we provide. Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome and listened to. Suggestions might not be always implemented but they are heard. Like all new functionality, these changes can be found on the beta channel only. To avail of the change and to be moved to beta please open a ticket.

We hope you enjoy the new experience and look forwards to hearing your feedback!