USPS Shipping Method Update

21 March 2013


The WebStore Manager has been updated, providing a range of new options for users wishing to send their goods from the United States.

International shipping services provided by USPS are now available as part of your integrated shipping configuration. By choosing USPS (International) as a shipping carrier in the Shipping and Taxes section of your WebStore Manager, you can offer your customers new delivery choices, including USPS’s Global Express and Priority Mail International services.

USPS has also recently rolled out a number of changes to its shipping services. Two of the shipping services provided by USPS have been renamed:

Aside from the names, these services have not changed — users can continue to work with their existing shipping configurations. For users who are adding or configuring shipping integration with USPS, note that the names of the shipping services have been revised.

For details of previous updates to NitroSell’s USPS integration :  USPS Rate Calculator API Upgrade