Updated Amazon Mapping Interface

3 July 2015 • 2 min read

NitroSell are pleased to announce the updating of the Amazon data mapping interface on the NitroSell platform.

Following on the from the implementation of the first customers to use the NitroSell-Amazon integration we have taken the experience and feedback and reworked aspects of the data mapping interface. We have optimized, streamlined and simplified it. For good measure we added an new wizard (Advanced Mapping Wizard) to allow you map products that are not currently on the Amazon marketplace.





Improved Data Mapping Interface






Amongst the improved features are:

  1. The improved mapping interface loads faster;
  2. Less mouse clicks required to map a field;
  3. Built-in links to particular Amazon fields for ease of reference;
  4. Overrides renamed static values where these are limited by Amazon to certain options, these options are now presented as drop down menus;
  5. More automation of the process (Apply mappings button is now history);
  6. A new advanced mapping wizard which presents you with only the fields that Amazon marks as required. This can be accessed through the WSM->Amazon->Tools menu;
  7. Predictive Search filtering. When you start typing in a field name the system offers suggestions as to which field you are looking for;