Understanding and Managing NitroSell Versions

7 June 2011

NitroSell – Managing Updates

Keeping your software up to date is a recommendation for all NitroSell users as we’re always updating our systems with new features. All changes to our software are carefully controlled and tested.  We’re proud of the care we take to ensure the stability of our software.

Feature Listing by Server-side Version

Here is a partial listing of features that have been added by server-side version. Many of these features have been previously introduced and explained in our blog.

What Do We Mean by Software Versions?

Our software versions are simply the stages in which we test and process new features.  When a new feature is developed, it’s first included in the Beta version where further monitoring and testing occurs. Retailers’ webstores can be upgraded to the Beta version if they want to use new features right away, but there is a small risk of encountering bugs, which we always make customers aware of if a branch upgrade is requested. Once we are happy that new features are functioning exactly as expected, we move them to our Early Adopters’ version, where we continue monitoring. At this stage we actively encourage customers to try out the feature as there is a lesser risk of encountering bugs. Once it’s thoroughly tested by multiple retailers over a period of a few months,  features will then be moved again to the Mainstream version. Ultimately, customers who are on the Mainstream version will find themselves on the Legacy version as the process repeats itself.

The process is dynamic – with every software upgrade, new features are added to Beta, and features are moved from Beta to Early Adopters’, Early Adopters’ to Mainstream and, finally, Mainstream to Legacy. Every time a software upgrade is performed our Beta customers will receive the new features as soon as they are added. Equally, for all customers on the Mainstream branch, they will receive the new features after the test process is completed when they receive a software upgrade.

The latest on-premise software version, i.e. PAM, Sync, etc., will be the same for everyone but some new features will require they be upgraded. The newest on-premise software will always work with any of the webstore versions, unless otherwise specified. For instance, you could use Sync v2.0.0.33 with the Legacy version of the webstore, but it also supports all the latest features on the Beta version. In contrast, if you are using v2.0.0.29 of the on-premise software, you would need to upgrade it to avail of the new features on Beta.

How to Determine Your Server-Side and On-Premise Versions

In the Partner Portal, navigate to WebStore Details page. You will see the versions listed under your webstore’s configuration information.

Determine NitroSell Version

Make Sure You Are Up To Date

To upgrade to the latest on-premise software version – Go to “Downloads”. Select your Webstore in the dropdown and click “Go”. The upgrade will just take a few minutes to download and install. Please be sure not to uninstall your existing version and to close any open NitroSell applications before proceeding. Should you require assistance with the process, please feel free to open a support ticket on the Partner Portal.