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Features • 10 May 2013

WebStore Manager gets a Facelift

As NitroSell eCommerce grows we have added more and more functionality to the platform. Much of this functionality is made available to you, the retailer, through the WebStore Manager.

eCommerce • 11 November 2009

NitroSell eCommerce Early Adopters’ Version Goes Live!

We are pleased to announce the early adopters‘ version of NitroSell eCommerce has been released as the live, stable version of the webstore!  Thank you to those of you who chose to try it out over the past 10 months, assisting us with cementing the new features and product improvements.

Features • 21 July 2009

Feature Spotlight: Shipping & Taxes Config (1/3)

In a recent update to the WebStore Manager (WSM), we have greatly enhanced the shipping and tax configuration to enable more flexible configuration scenarios and to make the user interface (UI) more friendly. In this first part of a three-part series, I cover the shipping methods section.