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eCommerce • 12 January 2012

Product Specifications – Where the Detail Really Matters

Have you ever found an item on the web you are almost ready to purchase only to find the key information you need to verify your requirements is missing?  Will it fit?/ How heavy?/What is it made of? Etc.

Features • 15 October 2010

Feature Spotlight: Built-in SEO (Part 2)

NitroSell Integrated eCommerce has built-in tools and features to help optimize your WebStore to improve its visibility and rankings on search engines.

FAQ • 3 August 2010

Jargon Buster: Spotlight on META tags

What are they? META tags are HTML tags used to describe the content of web pages. NitroSell eCommerce automatically generates and inserts META tags into department, category and product pages.

SEM • 8 April 2010

Google Adwords – Tips on tracking and improving conversions online

It’s important that your AdWords advertising helps you to reach your business goals successfully. Recently the helpful folks at Google have created a series of short videos to help you make sure your account is working as effectively as possible.