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Email Marketing • 24 March 2021

Email Marketing for Retail: 11 Tips for 2021

Article first published March 2019, updated March 2021. Email is one of the most effective marketing channels for retailers that want to increase sales. For a relatively low investment of both time and money, the ROI (Return On Investment) from emailing customers directly is clear to see.

Guides • 19 August 2020

15 Ways E-commerce Brands Can Grow Their Email List

Many businesses would not have been so successful if it wasn’t for email marketing. Since emails are a great way to connect with customers directly, using them to share offers, promotions, and news is a great strategy for smaller brands.

eCommerce • 10 June 2020

Why Email Is Still One of the Best Ways to Acquire Customers

Email. Certainly not the most exciting form of marketing. But did you know that it’s still the best method of direct response marketing there is? Customers on your mailing list want and expect to hear from you, that’s what they signed up for.