How to Supercharge Lightspeed POS to Increase Online Sales

18 December 2019

So you’ve decided that you want a cloud-based POS system for your business that’s light, fast, and easy to integrate? With Lightspeed POS you can’t go wrong for your brick-and-mortar store. However, in a world where the e-commerce share of total retail sales is always increasing, you need to make sure your online store is fast, responsive, and functional. So, what’s the best website solution for a brick-and-mortar store running on Lightspeed POS?

The answer is NitroSell, the experts in e-commerce integration, and online retail performance. Do you want to improve online sales and create an omnichannel business? Do you want data between your store and website to sync in real-time? If yes, then combining NitroSell with your Lightspeed POS is the best decision you can make.

It’s more than just an integration though. When both systems are connected, NitroSell supercharges your Lightspeed POS system to give you a flexible and reliable omnichannel business, where e-commerce and brick-and-mortar work together as one.

What is Lightspeed POS?

Lightspeed is a Point-of-Sale system that’s perfect for small to mid-sized businesses that want a cloud-based platform that breaks away from the more traditional POS solutions.

While we have specialized in integrating with more traditional POS systems, our new Lightspeed connection is among the fastest integrations currently available through the NitroSell platform.

What are the advantages of a cloud-based POS over a traditional POS?

A cloud-based POS means that your data stored in your Point-of-Sale is automatically backed up and synced, making it easier for you to both protect and update your data. This web-based approach gives you more power and flexibility for your business, meaning it can effectively be managed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Cloud-based POS systems like Lightspeed ensures each terminal or cash register only needs to be updated once on one device, and it will automatically update the rest of your devices. For multi-store retailers, a cloud-based POS solution also ensures that your data is synchronized across all stores, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers, no matter how they shop.

With a cloud-based POS, you can also rest easy knowing your data is always secure. In the event of a hardware malfunction, your data is on the Internet, whenever it’s needed.

How do NitroSell & Lightspeed work together?

NitroSell works together with Lightspeed POS to ensure you get the best of both your in-store and online presence. When you combine Lightspeed POS with a NitroSell website, you’re on the fast-track to omnichannel success.

We integrate online webstores directly through Lightspeed POS, removing the need for manual sales or product data entry online. Any information or product data processed through your POS will be automatically and instantly synchronized with your website, meaning you’ll always have one version of the truth across your entire business.

Why choose NitroSell & Lightspeed over another eCommerce/POS solution?

Retailers need to ensure they have centralized sales and data points so their customers have an uninterrupted shopping experience. At NitroSell our goal is to make e-commerce as hassle-free as possible for both retailers and customers. We create easy-to-use software that connects directly to powerful POS systems like Lightspeed.

As e-commerce experts, we work directly with POS providers to create unrivaled webstores that communicate in real-time with cash registers/terminals from brick-and-mortar stores. We can sync your online store to your Lightspeed POS in just a few minutes as a one-click solution.

Not only does NitroSell sync your locations and website together, but we also offer the services to help you succeed online. From our Enterprise solution to fully custom design solutions and more, you can scale your e-commerce however you’d like.

This makes NitroSell the perfect compliment to supercharge any store running Lightspeed POS.

How do I get started?

If you already have Lightspeed installed or you’re considering switching POS, then get in touch with us to discuss your solution. We cater to retailers of all sizes, and can customize a solution to suit your budget and business goals. You can also:


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