Spotlight on Keywords – Are Customers Finding Your Products?

6 December 2011

In general, most people rely on “Spell Checker” to correct those common spelling mistakes we all get wrong from time to time. Let’s be honest, no one is perfect. However, when it comes to browsing on-line, customers are often oblivious to the fact they are incorrectly spelling a particular Brand or Product Name. We also need to consider Brand names and Product Names do not follow the standard naming conventions that will easily be picked up & corrected. For example is the popular sports brand called “Adidas” or “Adiddas”? Is the children’s character “SpongeBob” or “Sponge Bob”?

This can lead to frustration when the item description has been painstakingly keyed into a product search field but the only message returned is “Your search resulted in no matches”.  As a retailer this can present a major problem as the standard reaction for most on-line shoppers who can’t find their items quickly is to abandon the site. “No point in searching here, I’ll go on to another site”.  The sale is lost and it’s not even your fault!

There is a simple way of combating this which has always been a key feature of Nitrosell but has frequently been overlooked. Adding common misspellings or alternative phrases to your products will not only help to direct customers to your products whilst on your site but will also give your site the advantage if the misspelling has been applied to a Google search. The search results will direct the customer to sites that have included the misspelling.

Follow these simple steps to apply:

Open PAM and filter to the Brand, Department or Category containing the items you wish to apply Keywords to.

Make sure you have the Keyword attribute displayed and simply apply word combinations or miss-spellings that may be commonly associated with the product.  Be sure to separate each word or phrase with a comma and copy and paste to other items if applicable. Don’t forget to commit changes when complete.

In the example below I have entered “Squarepants” into the search field on my web store

Even though “Squarepants” does not appear in any of my description fields, because I have added the phrase as a Keyword it still shows the correct product results.