Lightspeed POS
E-commerce Integration

WebSell is the e-commerce platform the uses the power and data in your Lightspeed POS system to build your online store. Ensure inventory, orders, and product information are always synchronized with WebSell.

  • Synchronize your webstore and brick and mortar store
  • Update inventory and orders between store and website
  • Keep product information online updated, even if you make changes within your Lightspeed POS
  • Seamlessly integrate your retail systems
  • Connect to a host of online marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Instagram, and more.

The E-commerce Platform for Growing Businesses

WebSell E-commerce Solution for Lightspeed Retail’s POS System

For modern retailers, the internet is the most effective way to grow your existing customer base. More people are shopping online than ever before – in fact, many people prefer it over going inside a brick and mortar store. By connecting your store to an e-commerce site, you get the best of both worlds.

WebSell is the platform that makes it all possible.

Omnichannel retail

WebSell’s Lightspeed Retail integration is your ticket to omnichannel retail. You get all your systems connected under one roof to focus on driving more revenue for your store. If you’re a retailer looking for the lightest and smoothest experience, Lightspeed for you.

Scalable e-commerce solution

Connect all of your inventory from all your webstores to one central system. To drive more revenue, you need the power to take you there. Lightspeed’s intuitive platform works seamlessly with WebSell webstores. WebSell’s simple solution to integrate means all it takes is one click to ensure both your website and brick and mortar store start communicating.

Connect to online marketplaces

As your business grows, so do the channels you need to sell through. Integrate your Lightspeed POS solution with a number of huge online marketplaces. Combining your Lightspeed POS with WebSell’s e-commerce solution allows you to get the best of both worlds. Stress-free management of your brick and mortar store, along with the services you need to succeed online.

What can WebSell’s e-commerce integration do for my business?

WebSell is perfect for brick and mortar stores that want to take their business online. We take your Point of Sale system and use it to power a responsive webstore that you manage entirely through the WebSell platform.

Your brick and mortar store and webstore will now work as one unit by sharing sales and stock data so your customers get the same experience no matter how they shop.

Here are just some of the game-changing benefits that WebSell can bring to your business:

  • Sync online and offline business
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Simplified web order management
  • Expand to online marketplaces
  • Drive online growth and business intelligence

See what successful WebSell customers have to say

“I could hand on heart recommend WebSell to anyone who’s looking for an e-commerce platform. Especially if you’re looking for something that’s agile and will allow you to come out of the gate at a rate of knots. If your POS is supported by WebSell, then it’s a no-brainer for anyone to choose them.”

Andy Danks
E-commerce Manager at My Pet Warehouse


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Take your online sales
to the next level


WebSell is the complete e-commerce solution that uses the data in your Point of Sale system to build your new webstore. Connect your brick and mortar store to your e-commerce site to experience the full power of WebSell.

Customize your
online store

Your business needs an e-commerce platform that works for you long term. With WebSell you can change and customize when you want to match your offers and unique messaging.

Meet and exceed customer expectations

Meet and exceed customer expectations by delivering the smoothest online shopping experience. Handle customer service and product returns all from your e-commerce platform.

Experience true e-commerce integration

Connect your offline and online sales now. Request a demo to tour our platform and discuss pricing.