Retail Management Hero – Everything You Need to Know

12 July 2016 • 4 min read

For the people outside our industry, it may be confusing as to why we are so excited and why everybody is making so much noise about RMH (Retail Management Hero), the new replacement for Microsoft’s Retail Management Systems Store Operations (RMS). If you are totally new to retail or spent the last year on holidays in Hawaii, we are happy to gather the most essential information in one place.

1) How long will RMS be supported by Microsoft:

“You can continue to purchase additional licenses and obtain extended support from Microsoft for MS Dynamics RMS until July 13, 2021. That is 5+ years from now. RMS resellers will continue to support the RMS product line after that date as they do now for older versions of RMS or even QuickSell 2000.”  If you don’t already own RMS, it is too late to order now.


2) Were there any changes in RMH interface compared to RMS?

The RMH interface was completely rewritten for both the front and back office. The new interface is designed to be more user friendly and very transparent with it’s functions. You will be able to customize your POS with the color scheme of your choice.

There are few very interesting improvements in the back office. The major ones will be around three new/improved modules:  Purchase Order Processing, Inventory Control, and Accounts Receivable. RMH Advanced Accounts Receivable feature can manage individual and grouped accounts. More advanced technologies will be portable across the platforms, as well as sophisticated SDK for developers to customize the solution both in the front and back office. There are also additional payment processors to facilitate global options for credit card / debit / other mobile wallet solutions.

3) Will using RMH be like learning a whole new software from scratch?

The feature which makes our retailers most excited is RMH’s seamless upgrade from RMS. It is essentially RMS 3.0 with a new, modern interface and a number of enhancements. RMH will support your current RMS database including all historical information. Many RMS add-ins will continue to run without modification while others will require an updated codebase to support the new RMH platform.  If you run RMS, there is a short and easy learning curve to run RMH.

4) “The foundation for this product was produced based on the overwhelming need expressed by the small business community.” – what does it mean in practice?


As already stated, Microsoft RMS is reaching it’s end of life cycle. With many retailers having heavily invested in RMS, they needed to be able to protect that investment.  Retail Management Hero is the next step, simply a level up from RMS.

You don’t have to buy any new equipment- simply continue with your current hardware investment. RMH will support almost all the same hardware you used with RMS.

5) Who can help me and drive me through all changes and new information?

NitroSell works with several great reseller partners all around the world who can help you make the move from RMS to RMH.  We can recommend a partner who is familiar with your retail vertical and understands your special needs.  Contact us for help if you aren’t working with a partner who has stepped up to RMH.

6) Finally, what about integrated ecommerce?

Don’t worry, NitroSell’s integrated ecommerce for RMH is ready to go.  If you are looking for the deepest integration with the most features, NitroSell is the answer.  If you are using RMS and NitroSell, upgrading will be cheap and easy.  If you are using RMS but are new to RMH and NitroSell, contact us to see how we can help with the entire transition along with your RMH partner.

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