Responsive Design for Your Integrated Shopping Cart

7 March 2016 • 3 min read

We are pleased to announce that we have released an entirely new, fully responsive design for NitroSell eCommerce. Now your POS-integrated webstore gracefully resizes on all screen types, whether desktop, tablet, or mobile, and presents the appropriate user interface for every shopper.

In today’s smartphone-enabled world, less than 50% of all searches from the desktop. Google has gone so far as to penalise sites that aren’t responsive and give preference to sites that work best with the device you’re using. If your shopping cart does not have a responsive design, you’re missing out!

Our new templates come in a selection of eye-catching themes and can be easily customized to fit your logo and branding:









To make your store’s design even easier to configure, we have added new tools, including an easy-to-use, drag’n’drop menu builder:

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 16.33.28

The menu builder enables you to add any type of content you like to any menu on the store, such as dynamic categorisation and hierarchy data from within your point-of-sale, or brands and themes that are already associated with your items, or even custom blocks of HTML.

Any changes you make visually to the menu are automatically reflected on your store, with no need to edit code, or perform manual updates.

Another new feature is our Carousel Editor:

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 16.33.42

Here, you can create as many carousels on the store as you like using a powerful rules engine to determine which items should appear. You can also manually populate items into custom carousels, preview your work, and control nearly every aspect of their display without the need for web programming skills!

The new content editor includes auto-saving and drag’n’drop images. For web developers, it generates cleaner, simpler HTML markup, so you can be sure that content edits do not negatively impact your design!

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 16.41.00

There many new, exciting changes with the responsive templates, such as drag’n’drop logo upload, newly editable NitroScript templates, and lots more!

Responsive templates are currently available on the pre-release (alpha) version of the store. Release to the beta version is planned for a week from today.

We are offering cost-effective, custom redesigns on the new templates for a small fee, or you can try it out yourself with a demostore today, or on your live store in a month’s time.

The new templates are completely separate from the existing ones, meaning you can easily turn them on and off without affecting your current design.

Comprehensive guides are available on the forum under the Responsive Templates category: https://forum.websell.io/c/webstore/responsive-templates

Contact our support team through for more information, and try connecting your point-of-sale to a fully responsive eCommerce site!