PropelAd: Facebook Ads Toolkit for NitroSell Customers

9 October 2014

NitroSell is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with PropelAd, a Palo Alto, California-based company, to offer a Facebook advertising solution for our customers.

PropelAd has been built from the ground up specifically for eCommerce, both in terms of lead generation and Facebook re-marketing. NitroSell customers have a custom on-boarding facility making it fast and easy to get your first campaigns up and running on Facebook using PropelAd.

With an average payback — once a store has established a product/audience fit — of more than 600% return on advertising spend, Facebook is clearly one of the best eCommerce sales channels. There are a multitude of ways to advertise on Facebook, but NitroSell have teamed up with PropelAd because they simplify and automate the most effective types of ads.

These include:

Retargeting people who visited but didn’t convert

Product level retargeting is becoming one of the most profitable aspect of Facebook custom audiences. Retargeting is simply showing customers ads that have visited your store but, for whatever reason, failed to buy. The ads then serve as an enticer to come back and finish the transaction.

Retargeting is highly effective when combined with lead generation ads. It is a rarity that customers buy the first time when they visit a store so retargeting brings them back after they have had time to consider your products.

The intent to purchase when someone clicks on your advert the second time around is really high. Capitalize on this by showing them the products they are most likely to buy through product retargeting & including a call to action.

Abandoned Cart Retargeting

A further extension of retargeting can be the more precise targeting of abandoned carts. Abandoned carts is a large problem within the eCommerce world, with up to 70% of carts being abandoned by customers.

A custom audience that solely focuses on this group can be highly targeted and deliver some of the highest rates of conversion online. This audience want your products enough to have started the checkout process and are very likely to buy. Because PropelAd uses persistent cookies, you get to retarget people even before they entered their email addresses on the checkout form. Try adding an incentive like a discount to get the best results.

Like all PropelAd audiences, this audience is dynamic and updates itself so if a customer returns and makes a purchase then they will no longer see the retargeting ads.


Lookalikes help you create audiences of people who are most similar to your previous visitors. These customers have similar likes and interests to as your existing customers and are most likely interested in your brand. This is a great way to introduce your brand to new customers. It can assist you in scaling your audience and nurturing relationships with new potential customers.

Through the NitroSell/PropelAd partnership, store managers can benefit from a one-to-one concierge and set-up service. Sign up at propelad.com to get started on a free trial and email support@propelad.com highlighting the fact that you are a Nitrosell customer to get additional help with your advertising.

To start advertising and retargeting with PropelAd follow these steps:
  1. Proceed to www.propelad.com/registrations/signup to create your PropelAd account.
  2. Choose NitroSell as your platform:
  3. Copy your PropelAd user key
  4. Login to your NitroSell WebStore Manager (WSM), and, on the Settings menu, choose All Config Options.Under the SEO tab, click Enable PropelAd, paste in your user key and click Save

  5. View your webstore in any browser to trigger the integration (Click the View WebStore button in the top right of the WSM)
  6. Return to PropelAd to connect your ads account (Facebook, etc.) and get started
  7. Contact support@propelad.com at any time for help

Please note: this is currently only available on the beta channel of NitroSell eCommerce. If you’d like to upgrade or learn more from NitroSell, please create a topic on our forum, or reply to an existing PropelAd topic: https://forum.websell.io/