SEO: Advertising your WebStore on Facebook

15 October 2010

During the course of your webstore’s implementation, we encourage you to create a Facebook page to ‘get the word out’ and many of our retailers already have.  Now that you have the page up and running, you may be wondering how to build up an initial userbase. We recommend Facebook’s advertising platform.

Facebook provides an excellent opportunity to increase sales by making use of Facebook’s ability to reach very specific demographics.  To see how facebook has a clear advantage in this regard we’ll look at how Google and Bing gather demographic data:

Facebook, on the other hand, provides a vast trove of personal information that can be used to target your ads. Coupled with the fact that visits to Facebook compose 35% of all web traffic, it’s invaluable source of visitors.

Creating your Ad

You’ll find Facebook’s advertising page here, along with several tutorials and suggestions at this URL:  http://www.facebook.com/adsmarketing/.  There, you’ll see a video entitled ‘Build your brand with Facebook’, which we highly recommend you watch, and links to separate guides on how you can ‘make the most of your advertising experience’.

Setting up your ad is a simple three step process and is similar to setting up a traditional PPC campaign.  It involves designing your ad, selecting your budget and setting targeting options.

Designing your Ad

Select Your Budget

Select Your Target

This is the most important step in this process.  Facebook refers to this ‘map of connections’ as the social graph. Users provide personal information that allows you to choose a specific target. While you’re creating your ad, notice the ‘Estimated Reach’ feature in the right panel.  You’re allowed the following targeting filters:


Facebook provides extensive details about your ad’s performance, along with info about the types of users who view or take action on your ads. This enables you to review your ad’s performance and targeting and modify them as necessary. You should review your reports at least weekly to ensure you’re making effective use of your budget.

We’ve given a basic overview of how you can take advantage of Facebook’s targeting features to not only get the word out, but get it out to the right people.  With over 500 million users and the ability to target very specifically, Facebook provides a simple and cost effective way to promote your webstore.  We recommend you visit Facebook’s Best Practices section and carefully review the documentation to take full advantage of their advertising tools.