Product Specifications – Where the Detail Really Matters

12 January 2012

Have you ever found an item on the web you are almost ready to purchase only to find the key information you need to verify your requirements is missing?  Will it fit?/ How heavy?/What is it made of? Etc. If important details are missing, you will most likely leave the site you are on and carry on searching.

All too often the problem is that it’s difficult to remember all the key elements relating to every item so even though the extended descriptions sound good, it’s easy to overlook minor but nevertheless important details.

Nitrosell has a perfect solution for this and it’s all down to the capabilities of the PAM or Product Attribute Manager.  Depending on what type of product you sell, extended descriptions can be used to populate useful resources such as a size chart or a specification sheet. You are now able to empower your customers with the critical information that can help trigger the purchase. They don’t need to go anywhere besides your Web store to buy!

See KB Article #239: Creating a Link to a Size Chart for Specific Items/Departments.

Check out these Product Specification examples:

Model Trains

Model Trains

Tennis Racquets

Tennis Raquets


Creatively using NitroSell’s field mapping capabilities and NSc PAM can give you the ability to easily classify or sort your information in different ways or add supplemental information to your product listings, etc. For example, one book retailer used Sub-Description 3 to maintain the condition of used books to help users find and price books matching their preferences. This ability goes farther technically than we are covering here.

For more on field mappings, etc., see KB Article #383: Field Mapping Example: Concatenating Two Fields, among others, or open a support ticket with your specific request.