Product Customization on the NitroSell Platform

6 June 2013

Just as the sun comes out NitroSell developers have released another way of improving your web store. For those amongst you that like giving their customers a way of personalising their purchase we give you Product Customization. This functionality allows you to give a shopper the means to select options on products that they are buying on your store. It can be as simple as a line of engraving or as sophisticated as you require.

Sample product customization

Sample product customization

Using the example on the right you can see that the shopper is presented with three fields that they can change on this item. You can set almost any number of fields that to be customizable. These fields are by default text inputs but can be drop down menus, radio buttons, even colour pickers if you want to cater to those on modern browsers!

The text fields can be limited to a certain amount of characters that update automatically as the shopper types.

All fields types can be given a price which is added to the product in real time. The product total reflects this updated total.

It is also possible to buy multiple copies of the product with different customization on each item. So if you are selling medals and a local school football team look for individually numbered and named medals you can support it all online on your NitroSell web store without having to lift the phone once.

Any customized products added to the shopping cart are saved complete with their customization meaning that if someone takes a break from filling out their order, they can return to it the next day without having lost all their careful work. The shopping carts now shows which products have been customized. Updating a customization is only done on the product page.

When the customer buys their product, the customized items are passed down to the POS in the normal way. The customization data is passed down as a comment attached to the item.

Charging for Customization

The functionality is set up in such a way that you can charge for each type of customization that you offer. The cost can be vary from item to item and from field to field. It is possible to charge for certain fields and not others.


As of June 2013 this only exists on the beta channel. In order to work certain options must be set in particular ways and certain templates must be reset or reworked to include new code. All of this is explained in knowledge base article 618 and the web cast below. The functionality uses the RMS tagalong feature so any existing tagalongs will need to be disabled.


With that all finished, we’re off to the beach!