Pinterest ‘Pin It’ Button

6 April 2012

NitroSell developers are on fire this week! New and improved functionality is being added to the web store all the time. This week we have added the ability to link your product pages to the latest hot social sharing site, Pinterest. This beautiful site allows users to the link images of your product to a board visible to all their friends, followers and the public at large.

If you are wondering what all the fuss is about head on over and read Business Insider, ‘According to a new survey by PriceGrabber, 10 percent of U.S. online shoppers have a Pinterest account.’

The new button goes along side the other social networking sites you have enabled such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter as shown in this image.

Once you’ve clicked the button, it opens a window allowing the shopper to put in a comment and classify the image onto one of their boards. The product price is neatly displayed on the top left hand side of the image that gets uploaded.

Setting it up on your store couldn’t be easier. The box to enable the Pinterest Button is found in your WebStore Manager under Configuration->Webstore. Click on the Product Tab and then on the Enable ‘Pinterest Pin It Button’ found in the Enabling Social Sharing Buttons section.

If you want more than the default placement of the button then it can be edited in the Social Sharing Panel Template in NitroScript on your WebStore Manager.

This functionality is only available on the beta version of the store. The button only appears on product pages with an image. If you would like to use this new feature, please open a ticket with our support team, who will be happy to assist you in getting your store moved to beta.

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