PayPal Payment Standard Update

23 April 2013

We are pleased to announce the following updates to the PayPal Payment Standard Gateway:

– Added support for delayed capture, void, and refund transactions. All these operations can be performed from GetWebOrders as discussed in this previous post.

Screenshot 1: The new option provided for PayPal Payment Standard. Note that only the first one is required.

For these features to work properly, you will need to enable the ‘API Access’ from your merchant account in Paypal. This can be done by going to My Profile -> My Selling Tools -> API Access and you choose Option 2 (Request API Credentials). Having requested your API Signature, a page will be displayed showing your API Username, API Password, and Signature. Copy and paste each in your WebStore Manager.

Screenshot 2: Getting your API Access Credentials

– The buyer is now returned to your WebStore once the payment process has been completed. This is to support the inclusion of the Google Analytics Tracking code.

– When the buyer decides to cancel the transaction and returns to your WebStore, he/she is now redirected to the checkout page.

Delayed capture and automated delayed settlement is supported like any other on-site payment gateway. All you have to do is to enable it from your WebStore Manager.

Having done that, you will be able to settle the transaction from your merchant interface on PayPal. Please note the following in respect to capture and void:

  1. When you authorized a transaction, you are given a 3-day honor period to settle it. You are also given a hard deadline of 29 days to settle it. Past the 3-day honor period, the transaction will have to be reauthorized. This process will be done automatically for you through the POS.
  2. The reauthorization period creates a new 3-day honor period for you to settle the transaction. This is by means a way to extend the 29-day deadline to settle a transaction once it has been authorized. For instance, if you reauthorize a transaction on the 28 day, the honor period will be just 2 days.
  3. You should capture funds within 24 hours after you ship your buyer’s order.
  4. You cannot capture for more than 115% of the originally authorized amount (not to exceed an increase of $75 USD) and up to $10,000 USD.

In order to have your customer automatically return to your WebStore, you should enable the AUTO-RETURN feature from your merchant interface in PayPal. This can be done with logging in to your merchant account Profile, under Website Payment Preferences, you should enable the Auto Return and specify the Return URL which is in the following form:


(where WEBSTORE_URL is the live URL of your web store). For instance, it can look like this: www.mywebstore.com

Please also make sure that the Payment Data Transfer (PDT) option is enabled.

In order to process refunds from the Point of Sales, please note that you need to enable the delayed captured option in your WebStore Manager.

Screenshot 3 : Enabling the Auto Return feature from your merchant account.

All these features are currently available only in beta and Early Adopters.