Order Interface in the Web Store Manager

3 June 2015 • 2 min read

NitroSell exists to give you an integrated webstore that you can manage from your POS. Out goal is to complement your POS not replace it. As such your POS has always been seen as the primary source of data for your inventory, your customers, your stock and any reporting that you require.

Your webstore is managed from the WebStore Manager (WSM). The WSM provides options on to allow you to control the design of your webstore and set options such as payment gateways, shipping providers, loyalty, risk/ fraud management as well as a host of other useful aspects that relate to the webstore.

Then there are those aspects that bridge the gap between the two such as customers and orders. We are pleased to announce that the WSM now has a View Order page that allows you to review your web orders and Amazon orders that are passed down to your integrated POS.


The new page can be found in the WSM under Payments->Orders where it shows you the orders that you need to deal with or have already dealt with. The page also allows you to:

You can filter the orders as you see fit to target specific orders.

Your POS will still provide your primary interface with managing these orders but sometimes it might be useful to view your web/ Amazon orders when you are not in the store but still have an internet connection. This interface is further explained in this forum article.