WebSell Now Supports Flexifi’s Buy Now, Pay Later Solution

14 April 2020 • 2 min read

WebSell is pleased to announce that our webstores can now support flexifi’s Buy Now, Pay Later payment solution. Given the current economic climate, the ability to pay in instalments will be a key feature for customers in the coming months. Buy Now, Pay Later features are already having a big impact on the current e-commerce landscape.

This post explains a bit about flexifi, what it does, and why you might need it. To implement flexifi on your webstore, open a ticket via the usual method or contact us.

What is flexifi?

Flexifi is a Buy Now, Pay Later payment solution that allows customers to pay for products in instalments rather than fully upfront. Flexifi functions like existing payment gateways for WebSell stores and can be selected by customers as a payment option from the checkout page.

Flexifi is Ireland’s leading instalment-based payment solution and we are happy to work with them to provide a payment solution for retailers that responds to current trends in retail.

How does it work?

When a customer places an order, the order details are sent to flexifi along with the retailer credentials. When flexifi validates the order and sends a response, the customer is then redirected to flexifi’s secure site, where they either log in to their account or fill out an application form to apply for one.

Once the customer is in their account, they will enter their card details and complete the transaction. Flexifi will redirect to your webstore once the transaction is complete, where the order is validated and processed, displaying the order confirmation page to the customer.

Why do I need flexifi?

For retailers that sell bigger or more expensive items like furniture, electronics, fitness equipment, or fashion, for example, flexifi means you can continue to make big sales even if your customers don’t want to or can’t pay everything right away.

Given the current global situation, providing an option to pay via flexifi means you are responding to your customers’ needs during this difficult time, while also securing sales. Flexifi is a proactive solution to e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic and one that could help to win brand loyalty long-term.

If you would like to implement flexifi as a payment solution on your webstore, please open a ticket via the usual channel or get in touch.