NitroSell Limited Acquired by Volaris Group

22 July 2021 • 2 min read

July 21, 2021 – Cork, Ireland

We are delighted to announce that all shares of NitroSell Limited have been acquired by Volaris Group, which is part of one of the largest technology companies in the world: Constellation Software Inc. (CSI). Volaris Group gives software companies the power to grow while remaining independent, allowing the business to continue to serve its customers with full continuity and autonomy.

NitroSell as a company is exactly the same as it was and we are maintaining the same branding and identity. Business will be conducted as usual with the added benefit that we now have access to Volaris Group’s resources and capabilities to grow our products and offerings.

“Thank you to every customer that has helped NitroSell to grow and get to where we are today — this has been a long journey for us, a 16-year overnight success story! We want to reassure everyone that our mission remains fully focused on helping retailers sell online, and we are excited for the next chapter and to continue to grow and empower our retailers”, said Donogh Roche, CEO of NitroSell. “We are excited to start working with Volaris Group to strategize around the future of NitroSell and to start building a bigger and better offering.”

About NitroSell

Founded in 2005, NitroSell is an ecommerce platform that helps retailers drive sales and revenue through online channels. NitroSell delivers e-commerce solutions to customers all over the world from its base in Cork, Ireland. NitroSell also has offices in the US and Poland. Learn more at www.websell.io and on LinkedIn.

About Volaris Group

Volaris acquires, strengthens and grows vertical market technology companies. As an Operating Group of Constellation Software Inc., Volaris is all about strengthening businesses within the markets they compete and enabling them to grow – whether that growth comes through organic measures such as new initiatives and product development, day-to-day business, or through complementary acquisitions. Learn more at www.volarisgroup.com.

Contact information

Cillian McGillycuddy

Marketing Manager, NitroSell Limited