NitroSell Enhances eCommerce Solution with New Features, Software Integrations

6 December 2012

New blog feature, search options, notifications and integrations make online shopping

faster and more convenient for web stores and their customers – watch this space for updates

and “How To’s” on the new features in the coming weeks.

Cork, Ireland – December 6, 2012 – NitroSell, the leading eCommerce provider for independent retailers, has added several new features to its fully hosted, multichannel eCommerce solution.

Although the NitroSell eCommerce Shopping Cart already encompasses hosting, content delivery, security, software updates and search engine optimization, the new tools will make online shopping more convenient for customers with new search options, back in stock notification capability and more. A new, automated tax calculation function and API interface will further streamline transactions for web stores.

“Online shoppers have any number of web stores to choose from, so NitroSell has been working on developing features that will attract and retain an online customer base,” said Jim Morrison, CEO of NitroSell. “It’s easy for people to navigate away from a site because it takes too long for them to find what they want. Our new capabilities will hold shoppers’ attention longer by helping them navigate sites more effectively and ultimately make a purchase.”

The new features include:

Built-in Blog Functionality

NitroSell has incorporated a fully functioning blog into their ecommerce platform.  The new blog features multiple category capabilities, automatic RSS feeds, and supports customer comments.  Using the Webstore Manager, new categories and blog articles can be quickly and easily added to your site blog.  This frequently requested feature will offer improved SEO benefits and fresh content creation opportunities for your site.

Persistent Filtered Search

NitroSell’s new Persistent Filtered Search builds on traditional drill-down navigation by adding additional search choices. After choosing a department, shoppers may narrow their search results by selecting product attributes—such as brand, price range, size or color—relevant to the department or category selected. These filters help shoppers weed out items so they find what they want faster. Product attributes can be broadly applied to all of a web store’s departments or in selected categories.

TaxCloud Integration

In response to a growing demand for automated tax calculation, NitroSell has integrated with The Federal Tax Authority’s TaxCloud, a secure web service that calculates sales taxes in more than 13,000 jurisdictions.

Recently introduced Streamlined Sales Tax laws have made it possible for TaxCloud to report taxes to the appropriate government agencies and remit tax on behalf of a business in a growing number of participating states. The reporting, filing and remittance of sales tax collected does not directly affect the checkout process. TaxCloud has been certified by the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board.

Back In Stock Notifications

Back-in-stock notification emails are a simple way to notify customers when an out-of-stock item becomes available again. These notifications are especially useful during holiday shopping season. When this function is enabled, a new button is displayed on product pages allowing shoppers to request notification when a sold-out item comes back into stock. When the product becomes available again, an email is automatically sent to any customers that have requested it.

Recently Viewed Items

This new feature tracks and displays items that the customer has viewed while browsing. A panel in the bottom right-hand corner of the webpage automatically displays the recently viewed items, with the most recently viewed at the top of the list.

New Application Programming Interface

NitroSell has developed a new, REST-based application programming interface (API) that will facilitate the insertion of orders and customer data from third-party applications. This will allow its partners to effectively extend the order fulfillment process provided by its eCommerce platform to orders that do not directly originate on a retailer’s web store. It could, for instance, be used to facilitate order import directly from Amazon or eBay, if a retailer were selling through those channels.

pcAmerica Integration

In addition to developing the new features, NitroSell recently partnered with pcAmerica, a leading developer of retail and restaurant point of sale software, to integrate a new eCommerce capability into its Cash Register Express™ point of sale software. The new eCommerce solution, available in the latest version of Cash Register Express, integrates web store activity with the in-store POS system.

NitroSell also supports a growing list of retail management solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics RMS and POS 2009, Retail Anywhere and Cervello POS.