Mailing List Pop Up

11 August 2014

One of the most effective ways to advertise your mailing list or special offer is via a javascript pop up overlay on your site.

We are glad to announce the release of a new feature of the WebStore Manager (WSM) that enables you to display this form of pop over in a easy, friendly way.

This feature is enabled through: Settings -> Customers -> Enable Mailing List Popup

You can set the size of the window (Width and Height) and a third parameter to establish how frequently customers who close the window without registering see the notification. This setting is measured in days. By default the parameters have these values: Width: 400, Height: 340, CookieTimeToLive: 7, In this case the 400px x 340px pop up will re-appear after a week if the customer closes it without registering. If you don’t want customers to see the popup again after closing it (without registering) just set the parameter: CookieTimeToLive to the value ‘never’.

This functionality works out of the box if you have already configured Constant Contact or MailChimp. This is the default look of the pop up:

The color of the buttons you can be changed by overriding the default css (#nt-embedded-subscribe {background-color: #33AD33;}, #nt-embedded-nothanks {background-color: #C08080;})

As we wanted to make this feature as flexible as possible, we have created a new template in our NitroScript editor where you will be able to modify the content of the pop up. You will find the template in the WSM under:
WebStore -> Design & Content -> Edit Templates

Although this feature is designed for mailing list pop ups, it will allow you to create pop ups for promotions, offers or even just a warm welcome message.

We have updated this feature so now you will be able to choose in which pages the pop up appears. For example if you don´t want it to appear on the checkout or on the home page, you could wrap the form as per this nitroscript example:

{if ((pageproperty['pageid'] ne 'checkoutstep2' ) && (pageproperty['pageid'] ne 'home'))}

<div id=”nitro_embed_signup”>


You can find more information about how to customize the pop up in our forum.

This feature is only available on Beta.