Loyalty comes to NitroSell eCommerce

10 January 2013

In response to frequent requests to provide loyalty on our webstores, NitroSell have teamed up with bLoyal, an US-based loyalty provider. This integration will enable stores to reward customers with discounts and loyalty points which are usable to both on-line and in-store customers.

Discounts can be offered to customers based on the their current purchase or on the amount of points they have accumulated. This is immediately reflected in the amount they pay at checkout.

To use this facility you will need to open an account with bLoyal. They will bring you through setting up the bLoyal system at your POS. They will also provide you with credentials that you can enter into your WebStore Manager to enable the integration with the webstore.

Once you have configured bLoyal to your liking, the process becomes painless. Your shoppers will be added to a default subscriber group on bLoyal. You can define the benefits, if any, that accrue to your customers in the subscriber group. These benefits can be across the board, e.g., a 10% discount to your basket, or product specific, e.g., 20% off sale items. They can trigger once a customer’s loyalty point balance goes above a certain amount or on certain dates.

From a shopper’s point-of-view the discount is displayed on the checkout page in the mini basket. Any discount that accrues is taken from the total before they pay. Tax is only paid on the resulting total. The transaction is passed down to the POS in the ordinary way with an additional informational popup if loyalty has been used in the transaction. The POS then runs the same bLoyal calculations resulting in a total that matches that paid by the shopper on the webstore. As a security feature, loyalty points are only added to a customers account when the transaction is processed at the POS.

Like all new features this is available only to beta customers. If you are interested, please get in touch with the customer service team by opening a ticket with bLoyal in the subject.

Happy New Year from the Dev Team!