Let your friends know what you bought!

12 February 2013

Have you ever had that euphoric feeling that comes when something long sought is finally bought? Or that frisson we get when we buy something we have long admired? Or even the need to tell your friends that you got something before they did?

Well now it is possible to tell people as soon as you press that ‘Buy Now’ button. NitroSell has added a social sharing panel to the order confirmation page. Here, the shopper can share their purchase with their followers, friends, re-pinners or tweeters. A simple click and that new ring you bought for someone special on Valentine’s is now winging its way from the store and all your friends will know about it.

You can publish items from your basket individually so you can let the world know about certain items, but not the others… the red roses go to your partner, the white ones to your mother with neither needing to know about the other.

The WebStore Manager allows you to select from four supported social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. As each is selected. a new tab will appear in the Share Your Purchase panel. Each Social Media has its own tab. From a store point of view, the links pushed to the various media sites go out complete with link back to the product page in question on your store. Where possible an image is included in the link.

Like all new functionality, this is available to stores using the beta channel. If you want to avail of it and you are not currently on the beta channel, open a ticket and customer support will be delighted to set you up. For the very technically minded, or the designer perfectionist, the panel is modifiable using a NitroScript panel in your WebStore Manager — the Share Your Purchase Panel — and it may need to be reverted to have it display correctly.

Happy Valentine’s from NitroSell!