9 Indicators You’re Ready to Do More With Nitrosell

3 March 2020

You’ve been running your e-commerce with NitroSell for a while and you’ve started to see your online sales increase. That’s great, but now you want to sell more. So, what can you do?

NitroSell’s standard plan is for retailers who are just getting started online, but as your business grows, so should your level of e-commerce package. That’s where NitroSell Enterprise comes in. It means more services, more support, and ultimately, more success.

But how do you know when you should upgrade? We’ve made a list of 9 indicators or signs that you might be ready to go to the next level and increase your online sales.

1. You want to do more online

The basic NitroSell plan gives you enough bandwidth and support to get started online, but as you grow and your targets change, you’ll quickly find that you want to do more with your webstore.

Upgrading your NitroSell plan gives you access to a number of different features that are key to your online success. Here’s what a typical NitroSell Enterprise plan gives you:

NitroSell Enterprise gets you:

NitroSell Enterprise unlocks the best of NitroSell’s services so you can turn your webstore into an online sales machine. If you’d like to get a pricing breakdown, you can request a quote on-site.

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2. You want to scale your sales

Your webstore has started to deliver sales you’re happy with, but now you want to show your products to a wider audience and attract a new group of potential customers. What can you do?

Included in certain tiers of NitroSell Enterprise is access to direct integrations between your website and major online marketplaces. From Amazon and eBay to Instagram, there are many online marketplaces where you can start selling your products and which NitroSell webstores communicate directly with.

Instagram is one of our newer product feeds and you can learn more about it over here or you can find out about Instagram sales tactics in our guide.

3. You want to stay compliant with accessibility laws

In the United States, lawsuits are being brought every day against online retailers for not being accessible to those with visual impairments. People with visual impairments use screen readers to access websites so you need to ensure your website can be accessed by them. You can learn more about ADA compliance on the site.

Enterprise includes an ADA compliant audit of your website to ensure you stay compliant and can avoid lawsuits. If your site isn’t compliant, our design team will work with you to create a site that can be accessed by anyone.

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4. You want a dedicated and personal NitroSell resource

If you have big plans for your e-commerce, you want a personal resource within NitroSell than can help you understand your webstore’s performance and keep track of everything you want to do online. Your Retail Success Manager will keep track of every interaction you’ve had with NitroSell and ensure you are happy with the service being provided.

Not only that, with NitroSell Enterprise they will become your dedicated manager in terms of your support issues and ongoing projects. As your team expands, having a personal resource in NitroSell means your team can pivot around one key resource rather than communicating with different members of our support teams.

5. You want customized reporting

Your Retail Success Manager will also deliver customized reporting to you to measure your webstore’s performance. With weekly reporting and monthly calls, NitroSell Enterprise gives you a personal and customized reporting resource meaning you can analyze your online performance from multiple angles.

Your Retail Success Manager also helps you to understand the data and suggest projects or actions that you can take to improve performance such as SEO & Paid Search practices. Enterprise helps you to connect the dots between data and success.

6. You need design and marketing support

You have a small team and don’t have the time or experience to work on fully promoting or redesigning your webstore. You have an idea of what you want to do, but don’t have the skills to do it.

Rather than hiring design or marketing staff, you can use NitroSell to reach your marketing and website design goals. With NitroSell Enterprise, you can consult with us on your marketing activities to get real actions and steps you can take to improve your online traffic. From email marketing and SEO to social media and blogging, we have years of experience helping retailers succeed online.

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7. You want to deliver a secure online shopping experience

It’s essential that your webstore is secure when you want customers to buy from your website. Search engines are penalizing ‘non-secure’ websites meaning that if your site isn’t secure, you’re losing traffic and sales.

NitroSell Enterprise includes an SSL certificate as part of your monthly pricing so that when you sign up, your site is immediately secured. Now your customers can shop safely through your store and will feel more comfortable submitting payment information.

8. Support is a priority

When you log an issue with your webstore via our support team, time is of the essence. With Enterprise, you get access to a whole new level of support where your tickets are immediately tagged as highly important and gets moved to the top of our queues.

Along with your Retail Success Manager, you will get a dedicated support phone line meaning you can pick up the phone and reach the person on our team that you need to speak with.

9. You want to be the first to hear about new customizations

New customizations to the NitroSell product mean new and better ways for you to sell online via your webstore. With NitroSell Enterprise, you get access to key features being released for our retailers before anyone else.

As well as beta versions of new integrations or customizations, you will be told about new developments to the NitroSell product via your Retail Success Manager and if they would be suitable for your online store.

Ready to do more?

If you’re ready to unlock a host of new features to take your webstore’s online performance to the next level, then NitroSell Enterprise is for you.

If you want to learn more about which plan is right for your business, then request your pricing or book a call with our NitroSell Enterprise rep today.