How is your Site Performing?

10 May 2013

Our Partner Portal is really the linchpin of our solution providing our retailers with a “One Stop” area to access key data in addition to support facilities. Some of the facilities within the Portal may not be used very often and we suspect this may apply to the Performance section. Showing performance data is just one of the many benefits of the portal as it gives our retailers the ability to keep track of key data such as revenue growth, orders and visitor statistics. The information is updated on a monthly basis and comparative data  is tracked using a graph view.

To access the performance graphs, login to the Partner Portal so that you are within the Dashboard page. Select “My Webstores” from the top menu bar and click your webstore URL. This will take you to the “Webstore Details” page and from here the “Performance” tab can be selected. You will see a selection of graphs as follows:

Traffic and Revenue Activity Graph

Revenue Growth Rate

Visitor Statistics